Hangout: 3/19 NYCC, Iron Fist & TV


Now, the Returning Registration Badge Sale is steadily becoming a fading memory, and as we kill time between now and the Open Online Registration, we get back to the business of attending other cons than San Diego Comic-Con! I know! Inconceivable!

But it happens. And there’s changes afoot, as Michael Leventhal (Friends Of Comic Con Forum) joins us to talk about changes to the NYCC badge buying process, announced this week. Also, Andy Behbakht (The Marvel Report) tells us his thoughts on the latest installment of the Netflix/Marvel family, IRON FIST, as well as sharing his thoughts on the pros and, er, cons of Netflix attending cons. And, for another week, Alyssa in is Vietnam so we get to see the inside of another late night hotel reception. When do we get to see the nightlife of the South-Eastern sub-continent, ‘Lyssa??

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