Orphan Black – The Final Trip Begins

by Transmute Jun

Fans of the BBC America show Orphan Black have been waiting for its final season for a year, and on Saturday, June 10, they will begin ‘The Final Trip’, as the season premiere airs. To celebrate the Orphan Black fandom, Entertainment Weekly and BBC America hosted special sneak previews of the premiere episode in six cities across the United States: Houston, Minneapolis, Miami, San Francisco, and Washington DC. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the San Francisco event.

Swag from the Orphan Black premiere event

Attendees were welcomed into a small theatre with plush, reclining seats and given certificates for free popcorn and drinks at the concession stand. Orphan Black swag was available, and attendees picked up pins, stickers, temporary tattoos and keychains.  We were encouraged to interact when we were given a trivia quiz, which had some easy questions (Who was Beth’s monitor?) and some hard questions (What was Delphine’s email code name?). But of course, we were all there for the main event: the sneak peek of Season 5 Episode 1: The Few Who Dare.

Season 4 ended with Sarah being injured on the island, while Rachel stole the cure for herself. Kira and Mrs. S were cornered by Ferdinand, and were clearly in hot water. Cosima was dying, yet was able to find Delphine as she weakened. Allison and Donnie were hiding with a very pregnant Helena in a yurt. All of these threads are picked up again in the season opener, yet they seem to be moving on a new course: toward the village of Revival, which is where Cosima was reunited with Delphine. The 170-year-old P.T. Westmoreland, founder of Neolution, lives here, and it’s clear that this is ultimately where the story of our favorite clones will reach its conclusion. Without giving spoilers, I will say that the episode was packed with excitement, yet still contained the touches of humor and humanity that make Orphan Black such a great drama. Many thanks to BBC America and Entertainment Weekly for allowing fans this chance to watch the episode in advance!

Fans of Orphan Black should make sure they tune in on June 10 for the start of ‘The Final Trip’. And if you’ve never seen Orphan Black, or need to catch up, all episodes from the entire series can now be streamed on BBC America. Make yourself a part of the Clone Club!

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