Denver Comic Con is Just Two Days Away!


Denver Comic Con (DCC) is just two days away! I hope you are getting prepared. The event offers a lot of variety, and I bet they have something for you.   

Let’s start with the basics. What are you going to bring? Personally, I make sure I have the following:

  1. External battery for my phone.  
  2. Snacks! There are food items and drinks available at the con (including alcohol), but they are expensive. Brings some snacks to cut down the cost of food so you have something healthy to eat and can avoid those long lines.
  3. Water bottle! This is essential, especially if you plan to have a few beers.
  4. Your pass. Okay, this should probably be number one but if you have some snacks to munch on while you wait for someone to bring your badge, your day may be a little brighter.
  5. Bring your own lanyard; I find that the ones provided don’t have a secure clip. DCC badges are like cash, and you don’t want to lose yours.  If you need an example of a good lanyard, look at the FOCC lanyards here.
  6. Cash. Not everyone in artist alley will take credit cards. Make sure you have cash in hand for that print you can’t live without.
  7. Wear comfortable shoes! You will be on your feet a lot. You can thank me later.

If you are cosplaying, please remember that DCC has strict rules regarding weapons; basically, don’t bring them. Also, make sure that you are covered in the appropriate areas. You can read their policy here.

If you are looking for photo ops, you can pre-purchase them from Epic Photo Ops. I believe most cancellations by celebrities have already occurred; however, if a con guest does cancel, they will refund your money. Looking for an autograph? You can purchase them on site in Celebrity Summit. This is a cash only area, so if you want a lot of autographs, make sure you have the cash ready. No one likes paying ATM fees or waiting in those long ATM lines, so hit your bank ATM on the way.

Looking for some panels? DCC has a lot of them! There are NASA and SETI panels, the Denver Public Library Room, Colorado Symphony Orchestra panels, celebrity panels and more. I definitely encourage you to check out the panel schedule here. I know I am excited for the panel “Bridging The Expanse” by FoCC’s very own Miclpea on Friday, June 30th at 6pm in room 605. If you haven’t read any of his Expanse recaps, you should! You can find them here.

This is just a small sample of events.

  • There will also be a cosplay contest.
  • Shopping for collectibles.
  • A chance to visit with authors, or to see your favorite artist.
  • Even a wedding!   

Bringing kids? There is a whole area dedicated to them called “Pop Culture Classroom Kids’ Lab And 8-Bit Lounge.” Bruce Campbell and John Barrowman have stopped by to read stories in past years. I can’t wait to see who comes by this year!  

Go to the Denver Comic Con website to find out more.

If you have questions or want to talk about the weekend, please join the conversation on FOCC here.

I can’t wait to see you all there!