Hangout 7/9: SDCC Movies & Sunday Panels

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“Well, now I’m completely buggered!”

It happens every year – we’ve checked out the announced panels so far and we think we have a basic handle on how we are going to take on and tackle San Diego Comic-Con… and then the Official CCI schedule comes out and the whole thing goes to pot! So much stuff! So much content to try and take in! So many little panels that can pull us in so many directions – it really does become an embarrassment of riches.

As is our want, we’ll be bringing you our show, around the time that the Sunday Schedule drops so we’ll be able to give you our instant reaction to what you can get up to on the last day of this years SDCC. But we’ll also be going over what has already been revealed and confirmed, in terms of all the major rooms, over the four days of the convention. Leonard, Alyssa and a bunch of special guests will also be bringing you our selections of Hidden Gems, nestled in between the listings which you may just miss.

One thing that will never change, though, is the TBA announcements: those big studio panels that they understandably want to keep a surprise. We’ll be joined by Empire Magazine’s Helen O’Hara to talk about what those panels mean, who we could see on stage, as well as the landscape of films appearing at Comic-Con for this year and beyond. This is the biggest platform and showcase of pop culture on the planet – what does Comic-Con mean to that landscape in 2017?

This, and all of the weeks Comic-Con news… Big show!

Natasha from the Nerd Element joins us to discuss the Sunday panels.



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