Hangout 8/6: Marvel booth host Sean Patrick

From An Englishman in San Diego’s site;

“Ladies and Gennnntlemennnnn – may I presennnnntt… your Gladiators!…”

Okay, it’s unlikely the Hangout will end up quite as dramatic as the Arena on Sakaar, and Leonard and our guest this week will hardly start going toe-to-toe like Thor and the Hulk (and, to really wrap up this analogy, Alyssa doesn’t bear much resemblance to Jeff Goldblum or the Gamesmaster!), but we will be welcoming a ‘friend from work’, someone who really put in the hours milage at D23 Expolast month: our special guest this week, DJ and MC Sean Patrick, who hosted the Marvel Studios booth with great aplomb.

Leonard and Alyssa will be asking Sean about how he ultimately found himself in a position to put the tough questions to Thanos himself (Josh Brolin), as well as shooting the proverbial with Yondu (Michael Rooker). We’ll ask what it takes to host the busiest stage at something as momentous as D23 Expo… as well as catching up with the aftermath of both D23 Expo and San Diego Comic-Con, and looking forward to events coming down the pipe. This year ain’t over yet, kids…

(You can find out more about Sean and his work, ahead of his Cup O’ Tea appearance by checking out his website at, as well as his social media – he can be found on FacebookInstagram and Twitter)


Alyssa bought her first comic at age 7 & was hooked. She has collected comics most of her life. Recently she has branched out to comic art and books and the occasional Lego. She goes to as many con's as she can & enjoys the 'long form' story telling of TV. She also enjoys new kinds of food- yes, she is a foodie.