Recap: Preacher – Puzzle Piece

By Miclpea

SPOILER ALERT-Preacher- Season Two-Do not read if you have not seen episode nine of Preacher.

Quote of the Week- “I have a date. Kill them all.”

The episode opens at The Grail headquarters in New Orleans where workmen are preparing an office for Herr Starr. This office is an exact duplicate of his office in London. They leave world newspapers and Jesse’s file on his desk.

The scene cuts to a flashback of Jesse’s father on his knees with a gun to his head. He tells Jesse that there are much bigger things in store for Jesse. He makes Jesse promise to be one of the good guys. Jesse is crying as he tells his father that he is responsible since he prayed for his father’s death. His father is shot and the scene shifts back to present day as Jesse is remembering this terrible event.

Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare 

Jesse is still searching for God. He decides to do a YouTube search for sightings of God. Cassidy comes into the kitchen where Jesse is on the computer. He takes two bags of blood from the refrigerator and starts to warm one of them in pot on the stove. Cassidy tells Jesse that Denis is starting to feel better. Tulip walks in after a night in the shooting parlor. Jesse tries to tell Tulip that she needs sleep. Tulip lashes out at Jesse that she does not need sleep. Her fear of sleep is palpable which causes Jesse to use the voice of Genesis to force her to sleep. Cassidy watches this before he takes the warmed blood into the other room.

At the same time at the New Orleans’ Grail headquarters, Lara is pointing out the power of the voice of Genesis to Herr Starr as they surreptitiously watch Jesse and Tulip. Herr Starr is not impressed with this display of power. He instructs Lara to kill them all as he leaves for his date.

Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer

A team of men from The Grail arrive that night to kill Jesse, Tulip, Cassidy, and Denis. The Grail team is deployed using classic, night military operational tactics. They are equipped with night vision goggles as they silently enter the apartment. Cassidy attacks some of them as they go room to room. Denis is considered a non-threat as one soldier proceeds to Tulip’s room to kill her. Jesse fights and overpowers the soldier. With the voice of Genesis, Jesse commands the soldier to kill his fellow soldiers. After he has killed his team, Jesse wants to question the soldier; but, before he can question the soldier, Denis enters and starts sucking the blood of the soldier. Cassidy has turned his son into a vampire.

Meanwhile, Herr Starr is having an elegant dinner with an attractive date at a four-star restaurant. Oddly Herr Starr is being very honest with the woman about his feelings. The woman is the daughter of the governor of Louisiana and relates a story about an event that gave meaning to her life. Herr Starr rips apart her story before he tells her to stand, take off her shirt, and place a stick of butter underneath her chin. She does this but before this bizarre scene progresses, an aide informs Herr Starr of the fiasco at Denis’ apartment.

Later, at his office, Herr Starr blames Lara and Hoover for the failure of the operation. Hoover agrees to take the blame and to sacrifice himself. As Herr Starr aims and attempts to fire his pistol, it jams. Lara steps in and offers to fix its malfunction. While she is stripping the gun to fix the jam, Lara tries to persuade Herr Starr to call in “Brad.” She is successful and Herr Starr agrees to her plan. While they wait for “Brad,” Herr Starr instructs Hoover to secure him “professionals” for a rape fantasy. Herr Starr warns Hoover and Lara that if they fail again, the tarp to catch their dead bodies is still on his carpet.

Tulip wakes to find the dead bodies in the apartment. Jesse has used the voice of Genesis to compel the police to guard the apartment. He tells Tulip that he believes the men in white will be back and they need to be ready for them.

At his office, Herr Starr listens on the telephone as Lara updates him. He tells her to proceed with the plan to bring in “Brad.” Lara offers to bring in two “professionals” instead of one for his fantasy. Herr Starr agrees and ends the call. He starts to review the tape of Jesse telling Cassidy how God is necessary because “someone has to be in charge.” After watching part of the tape, Herr Starr starts reviewing Jesse’s file.

Julie Ann Emery as Lara Featherstone, Malcolm Barrett as F.J. Hoover

Meanwhile, in Denis’ apartment, Denis is nursing Cassidy since Cassidy is suffering from the wounds caused by the men in white. Denis thanks Cassidy for changing him, but in his exuberance, Denis inadvertently puts his arm in the sunlight. This causes a severe burn. Jesse walks in as Cassidy is feeding Denis blood to heal the burn. After Denis leaves, Jesse asks Cassidy why he did not tell him about the change. Cassidy answers that he was not sure how Jesse would take the news. Jesse tells Cassidy that he would have been okay with Cassidy’s choice. Jesse goes on to explain to Cassidy that the men in white will be back and they must be ready for them. Cassidy tells Jesse that he is not the one about whom Jesse should be worried.

At the kitchen table, Jesse tries to reach out to Tulip. Jesse reminds her of a time when they fought impossible odds together. He quietly tells her that he needs her help to fight the men in white. Tulip cries silently as Jesse finally reaches her. He tells her no more going out at night to the gun parlor or not sleeping. Tulip asks Jesse if he used the voice of Genesis on her. Jesse responds that he did use the voice because he did not know what else to do. Jesse offers to let her sit out the coming fight with the men in white. Tulip smiles and tells Jesse that she will need a gun. She will be there to fight them.

Tulip goes to Lara’s apartment to borrow Lara’s gun. Tulip is still unaware that Lara works for The Grail and the men in white. Lara gives Tulip the gun. Hoover asks Lara why she gave Tulip the gun. Lara explains that the gun will not make a difference when they deal with “Brad.”

Later that night, a cleaner from the Acme Cleaners arrives to clean up the blood in the apartment. Jesse is frenetically checking with the police who are patrolling outside and inside the apartment complex. A hulking shirtless brute appears and looks in one of the police car. The brute seems to disappear before he reappears at the rear of the police car where he starts to urinate on the police car. The policeman in the patrol car gets out of his car and confronts the brute. He calls for back-up before the brute attacks him. The police outside converge on the brute and take him down. He is just a big, drunk who was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In the apartment, Tulip is on edge and shoots the cleaner. She believes he had a gun which he did not have. While they reassure Tulip that the cleaner is harmless, Jesse reiterates to Cassidy that the men in white are still coming. Unfortunately for Jesse and the gang, he is thinking too small. “Brad” is the acronym for Battle-Ready Remote Operated Aerial Drone. The Grail has called in a drone strike on Jesse!

Lara and Hoover wait in their apartment for the drone to strike. Hoover wants to leave but Lara is in a bit of a religious frenzy as she wants to see the effect of the drone hit on Jesse. Meanwhile at the New Orleans’ Grail headquarters, Herr Starr is accosted in his office by a group of “professionals.” The problem is that they are men not women. Herr Starr tells them to leave as there was mistake but they will be paid. However, the men were told that ‘no’ means ‘yes’ in this circumstance. They proceed to do what they were hired to do.

As the “professionals” are having their way with Herr Starr, he is staring at Jesse’s file jacket. Suddenly, he sees the final piece of the puzzle. After the men finish with him, Herr Starr calls Lara and tells her to stop the drone strike. Since the drone has launched the missile, she has to redirect the missile. As she is trying to redirect the missile, a pop-up appears on her computer screen which asks if she likes cats. This same pop-up ad appeared on Herr Starr’s computer earlier. She manages to eliminate the pop-up and redirect the missile to Harry Connick Jr.’s home. He is later reported to have been killed in the blast.

A week later Jesse releases the police and tells them to forget everything that happened. Later, at a bar, Jesse is having a drink when Herr Starr walks into the bar. Herr Starr tells Jesse that perhaps he can help Jesse find God.

This is another incredible episode of Preacher. Ruth Negga’s performance as the damaged Tulip is nothing less than phenomenal. The hurt and pathos she portrayed in the scene with Jesse at the table was truly moving. Pip Torrens deadpan portrayal of Herr Starr is absolutely hilarious. This show is only getting better each week.

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