Hangout 8/27: Convention Headlines

From An Englishman’s site

“Short and sweet…”

Just a short episode this week, as Leonard and Alyssa check out the headlines of the last seven days in con culture.

We’ve been caught short with guests this week, as people we’ve invited on have remembered that they have family commitments due to the Bank Holiday weekend or, more drastically, they’ve had to deal with the fallout of Hurricane Harvey. If you have any suggestions of guests that YOU would like to see on the show, please drop us a line at


Alyssa bought her first comic at age 7 & was hooked. She has collected comics most of her life. Recently she has branched out to comic art and books and the occasional Lego. She goes to as many con's as she can & enjoys the 'long form' story telling of TV. She also enjoys new kinds of food- yes, she is a foodie.