Con Man Makes Cable TV Debut

by Transmute Jun

The Con Man series is ready to move to the next level. The show was created by Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Rogue One) as a parody of his own experiences after Firefly came to an end. Tudyk plays Wray Nearly, an actor who was on a sci-fi show cancelled ‘too soon’, who is now relegated to making a living attending conventions and selling autographs. However, Nearly’s co-star, Jack Moore (played by Nathan Fillion) has gone on to become a big name in the movie industry, leaving Wray jealous and miserable.

While the series also explores Nearly’s life outside of conventions, its best moments come from his antics and encounters at cons, most notably an impromptu Of Mice and Men comedy/musical that occurs unexpectedly when Wray meets Lou Ferigno (playing himself) at a show. In addition to Ferigno, the two seasons/25 episodes of Con Man boast a litany of nerd-lebrity guest stars, including the likes of Sean Astin, Felicia Day, Mindy Sterling, Tricia Helfer and even the legendary Stan Lee. Anyone who has attended pop culture conventions, big or small, will appreciate the humor and yes, the poignancy, of Wray’s troubles as he attempts to land that one big role that will catapult him to true stardom.

Con Man at San Diego Comic Con 2015

Con Man was first launched by one of the most successful Indiegogo campaigns ever, funding the entire first season, which was eventually aired on Vimeo, and later, Amazon. The second season stepped up by premiering on the Comic Con HQ streaming service, before moving to other online channels. But on Saturday, September 9, Con Man breaks through the ‘webseries’ barrier to air on cable television, as it makes its debut on SYFY at 10 pm Eastern time. This entree into a wider arena will allow Con Man to reach a much wider audience, and may well be a stepping stone for the creation of a season 3. If you love Con Man, make sure to check out the series on the ‘big screen’ of your living room. And while you’re waiting, you can also check out the Con Man mobile game,  available on iOS and Android, or the Con Man Comic book, Spectrum. I know I’m excited for more Con Man, and I can’t wait to see what Alan Tudyk has planned for us next!

Transmute Jun

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