Recap: Preacher-On Your Knees

By Miclpea
SPOILER ALERT-Preacher- Season Two-Do not read if you have not seen episode 12 of Preacher.
Quote of the Week- “Time to get on your knees.”

The episode, “On Your Knees,” focuses on four plot lines.

  • Eugene and Hitler’s escape from Hell
  • The return of The Saint of Killers
  • Cassidy and Tulip’s changing relationship with Jesse
  • Jesse’s evolving awareness of his place in the grand scheme of the universe

The episode opens with Eugene and Hitler landing at the bottom of the Hole. The projector in the Hole shows Eugene’s personal hell, where Tracy committed suicide. Hitler stands watching on the sideline where he urges Eugene not to give into temptation. Unfortunately, Eugene is unable to resist temptation several times before he finally confronts Tracy. He tells Tracy that she is a horrible, shallow person. When she threatens to commit suicide, he tells her to go ahead, because it will be her fault, not his. She eventually does commit suicide but Eugene feels no guilt.

Next, a school mascot emerges from the bathroom and hugs Eugene. Eugene reminds the mascot that he told the mascot years ago to never touch him that way again. Eugene shoots the mascot and again feels no guilt. During each of these encounters, Hitler has been trying to open the window of the bedroom to escape. However, there is one final obstacle that Eugene must overcome.

Ian Colletti as Eugene, Noah Taylor as Adolf Hitler, Gianna LePera as Tracy Loach

There is a knock at the bedroom door; Eugene’s father enters the bedroom. His father has the same puckered face as Arseface. Initially, his father blames Eugene for his mother and the woes accompanying Eugene’s episode with Tracy. He tells Eugene to finish the job. However, Eugene confronts his father with the truth about what happened. He tells his father that he is not to blame because he is just a kid. His father finally forgives Eugene and tells him that he loves him. This final confrontation unlocks the window so that Hitler and Eugene can escape.

The scene shifts to when Jesse made The Saint of Killers (TSOK) drop to his knees, followed by Jesse sending the truck with TSOK to the bottom of the swamp. TSOK starts punching the door, which he does continually for a week before he stops in frustration. He begins to remember the good times with his wife and how her faith led him to seek forgiveness and to change his ways. He remembers the happy times with his wife and daughter before he starts punching the door again.

Graham McTavish as The Saint of Killers

As TSOK is punching the door, he sees lights outside. The lights are divers sent by the Grail to recover the truck and TSOK. An identical truck is sent to the bottom of the swamp as Hoover tows the armored truck with TSOK to the Grail warehouse.

At the Grail warehouse, Hoover talks to TSOK through the intercom. Hoover truthfully admits that they cannot give TSOK Heaven but they can offer him the “next best thing.” Hoover asks for TSOK’s cooperation before he ends the call and starts studying.

TSOK looks at the vial of souls as he remembers the events leading to the death of his wife and daughter, as well as his descent into his personal hell. He starts punching the doors of the truck again. This lasts for a week before he tires. Hoover tempts him again with the Grail’s offer. Hoover asks TSOK what more he has to lose by not taking their offer. Hoover releases TSOK to do what he does best: pursue and kill Jesse.

Back at the apartment, Cassidy finds Denis in his room looking for his dog, Banjo. He angrily sends Denis away before he heads for the kitchen. Cassidy finds Tulip sitting angrily in the kitchen, staring at his severed finger underneath the table. As Tulip and Cassidy discuss what is happening with Jesse and what to do, Lara and Hoover observe them. Hoover receives a call, which informs him that TSOK is on the way.

Cassidy asks Tulip what they will do next without Jesse. Tulip answers that they will follow their plan and go to Bimini. The thought of being alone with Tulip causes Cassidy to focus on her carotid artery. Fortunately, Jesse walks into the apartment and asks for a drink. They all agree that a drink is a good idea. Cassidy offers a drink concoction that he has in his room. Cassidy and Jesse head to Cassidy’s room to grab a drink while Tulip recovers the severed finger and takes it out with the trash.

Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare, Graham McTavish as The Saint of Killers

As Tulip returns from dumping the trash down the trash chute, she encounters TSOK. She attempts to stop him but he throws her against the wall, which temporarily knocks her unconscious. TSOK goes to the apartment and chooses a small knife from the kitchen drawer. As TSOK heads to where he hears Cassidy talking; sounds come from Denis’ room, focusing his attention there. TSOK stops in Denis’ room and incapacitates him.

Cassidy and Jesse are sitting on the balcony, trying Cassidy’s drink concoction. Jesse decides that he wants a beer after tasting Cassidy’s ‘special drink.’ When Tulip does not answer their request for a beer, Cassidy heads in to find her. Jesse follows Cassidy back inside the apartment, where he sits in his smoking chair. His smoke is interrupted when Cassidy is thrown down the hallway by TSOK.

Jesse, in his arrogance, tells TSOK that he was merciful last time by not sending to TSOK to Hell. TSOK responds that Jesse was just being cowardly (he stated it in a profane manner) since he did not want part of his soul sent to Hell. Jesse tries to use the voice of Genesis but it does not work. Jesse tries to punch TSOK but TSOK blocks the punch and lands a wicked blow to Jesse’s throat, which temporarily stuns him.

Cassidy returns and starts fighting with TSOK. TSOK viciously throws Cassidy into the wall. Jesse gets back up and attacks TSOK. What follows is an exciting fight of titans. Jesse is doomed to fail but he fights valiantly and viciously before he is subdued by TSOK. Tulip returns with an iron poker, which she uses effectively to stop TSOK from killing Jesse. Tulip’s and TSOK’s fight takes them from the living room to the kitchen but TSOK eventually grabs her by the throat and lifts her off of the floor. At this point, Jesse staggers into the kitchen. TSOK throws Tulip against the wall and grabs Jesse by the hand, forcing Jesse to his knees. He then delivers a knockout punch to Jesse’s head.

Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer – Preacher

Jesse is tied to a chair. TSOK tells him a story about a man who scalped Comanches. He explains to Jesse that the man talked about the sound the scalping made and it was clear that the man had an obsession with the noise. TSOK tells Jesse that he was always curious about the noise; and now, he will know what it sounds like as he intends to scalp Jesse.

Jesse tries to reason with TSOK but TSOK knows that he cannot change and there is no chance of redemption for him. When TSOK starts to cut Jesse’s scalp, he is interrupted by Mannering, who tells him that it is time for him to come back. TSOK tells her never but Mannering tells him that his hell is empty and must be filled. She tells him that his wife and daughter could replace him. TSOK does not believe her but she replies that God is gone, so who will stop her? TSOK tells Jesse that there will be another time. Mannering tells Jesse that he is lucky to have a friend like Herr Starr.

Outside of the apartment complex, Tulip and Cassidy are taken away by ambulance to seek treatment and blood at the hospital but they are diverted to Herr Starr’s office. At the office, Herr Starr starts to explain why they were brought there but Cassidy is childishly fascinated with Herr Starr’s scarred face. Cassidy is like a little child who sees a deformed person for the first time and cannot stop talking about the deformities. Herr Starr tells Cassidy and Tulip that they are holding Jesse back. He explains to them that Jesse is set for great things and that the fate of the universe is hanging on Jesse’s shoulders. He wants to know how they want to proceed.

Tom Thon as The Pope

The scene shifts to a brief interlude with the Pope in Vatican City. The Pope tells the crowd that God is gone from their hearts. He says that the son of God will return to save mankind in its time of need. The Pope tells the crowd that Jesus, or a reasonable approximation, is coming.

Back in New Orleans, Tulip and Cassidy return to the apartment, where they find Jesse. Jesse suggests that they get something to eat. As they leave the apartment, the spy-cam, which was on the wall, falls to the floor of the apartment.

At the diner, Cassidy asks about Herr Starr and Jesse being the Messiah. Jesse tells them that he is seriously thinking about being the Messiah. Cassidy tries to talk Jesse out of it by pointing to Jesse’s numerous and serious flaws. To defend himself, Jesse brings up the promise he made to his father. Tulip has been sitting quietly through this interchange between Jesse and Cassidy, but her body language clearly states that she is not happy with the direction of the conversation. Finally, she tells Jesse that she loves him but she asks why Jesse needs them.

In Hell, TSOK is returned to his cell and his personal hell. TSOK tells Mannering that he wants to talk to Satan and Mannering responds that Satan wants to talk to him. Meanwhile, Hitler and Eugene crawl through the ducts before they escape from Hell.

Alone at the diner, Jesse finally makes a decision. Jesse goes to Herr Starr’s office, where he asks what comes next. Herr Starr kneels before Jesse and places Jesse’s hand on his head.

The season finale is next week. Here is a quick assessment leading into the finale.

  • TSOK is back in Hell and wants to talk to Satan
  • Hitler and Eugene have escaped from Hell
  • Jesse has been manipulated into being the Messiah
  • Cassidy and Tulip have decided to part ways with Jesse

Is there any scenario where these events end well? Any one of these by themselves would be bad but all four together? WWIII?

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