FoCC Review – Star Trek: Discovery


Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Michael Burnham. 

The wait is finally over and we have now seen the debut episode of Star Trek: Discovery.  I am still sorting through my emotions as I reflect on what I experienced, however, I will strongly recommend you give this series a shot.

I will not go into the details of what transpired during this first hour but will say the writers have captured underlying essence of what make Star Trek work. From the opening scene I was inspired by the mission to selflessly help a race on ‘strange new world’. To me, this echos the line from the 2009 Star Trek where Captain Pike attempts to recruit James Kirk in the Heller Bar. Pike tells Kirk that Starfleet ‘stands for something more’.

The announced cast was, in my opinion, good on paper and based on who we were introduced to in this debut episode I think they assembled a good cast. Minor spoiler – We were only introduced to a portion of the cast in this debut episode so we will have to wait a little for the full complement.

The chain of command structure on a starship and teamwork is always an underlying facet of Star Trek and Discovery is no exception. We get a sense of this during a couple of crucial scenes including (no spoilers) a scene where there is a debate to either display a show of force versus finding a diplomatic solution. Minor spoiler – this first hour is not a stand alone episode and there is a hint in the upcoming scenes for this season that there will be an overarching story arc at play.

Aside from the story, I have to mention the other aspects of the series which are all selling points to me. First, the opening title sequence and theme are fresh and unique for this franchise and they does not mimic any of the past title sequences. Also, the set designs and special effects are top-notch and while there will be some who try to compare the technology to The Original Series or Enterprise I will leave it alone as it would be hard to justify the feel of the 1960’s in a time where we have iPhones and drones. Third, the Klingons in this series are certainly ‘alien’ and the creative team outdid themselves with the makeup.

Star Trek was originally pitched by Gene Roddenberry as a “wagon to the stars” and this has inspired many fans to look up to the stars. Tonight’s episode has rekindled that spark for me to sit back and look up at the stars again.

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