SDCC Creative Pro Registration to Happen October 11

by Transmute Jun

It seems that Comic Con International (CCI) has picked up the pace significantly this year. Last year, potential attendees spent months waiting for San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) returning registration (formerly known as pre-registration). Eventually, after much delay, it was held in March. Pro registration and open registration followed. At SDCC Talkback this year, John Rogers, president of CCI, said that while he could not name specific dates, his desire was to move more quickly this year. With this, he has so far delivered in spades.

SDCC pro applications were submitted in August, and acceptances have been going out over the past few days, as well as rejections. Now the Toucan Blog has been updated to show that creative professional registration for SDCC 2018 (July 19-22, with Preview Night on July 18) will be held next Wednesday, October 11. Coincidentally, this is also the date of the Emerald City Comic Con attendee registration.

Creative pros, get ready! The Expo Logic waiting room will open at 9 am Pacific time, with the sale to begin at 10 am. Not sure if you can participate? Login to your Member ID account and check your creative pro status. If it says ‘Not Due’, then you can register for a badge, and hopefully a guest badge as well. To enter the waiting room, you will need your professional access code. The code will be sent via email approximately 48 hours before the sale, and will also be posted in the Member ID accounts under the ‘Professionals’ tab.

Creative pros may qualify for a free guest badge, but these are first-come-first-serve, allocated via the randomized waiting room. CCI anticipates that they will ‘sell out’ approximately 20-30 minutes into the sale. Paid guest badges will also be available in larger (but not unlimited) quantities.

Do you plan to participate in creative pro registration? Join the conversation on FoCC!

Transmute Jun

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