FoCC First Look: SYFY’s Superstition

By Miclpea

Superstition is a new series on the SYFY Channel which premieres on October 20th (it will be available online at, YouTube, and On Demand October 13th). The series stars Mario Van Peebles (Roots, Bloodline, Hand of God, Empire, Lost), who also writes, produces, and directs episodes of the series. The show is set in the American south with all the mystery and supernatural history associated with that region.

Mario Van Peebles as Isaac Hastings, Robinne Lee as Bea Hastings — (Photo by: Mitchell Galin/Xlrator Media/Syfy)

The main focus of the series is the Hastings family, who own the only funeral home in La Rochelle, Georgia. The town is home to the supernatural, where haunted houses, zombie graveyards, strange townsfolk, and other unusual phenomena are considered “normal.” The Hastings family has a history of protecting the town from these supernatural manifestations, which are referred to as “Infernals.” The Hastings are also the last line of defense against the Infernals in La Rochelle.

The cast of Superstition includes:
Mario Van Peebles (Isaac Hastings) – Isaac is the Hastings family patriarch, who combines tremendous physical strength, charisma, and extensive knowledge of the supernatural. He is a warrior at heart but still a loving father and husband.
Robinne Lee (Bea Hastings) – Bea is the beautiful, intelligent wife of Isaac; she is an active and willing practitioner in all aspects of the Hastings family business. Bea is a woman who can dish up great biscuits or a severe beat down.
Brad James (Calvin Hastings) – Calvin left home at 18 and joined the military. Calvin was running away from a tragic event. He is returning home after 16 years, during which he had no contact with his family. There are many surprises awaiting Calvin when he returns.
Tatiana Zappardino (Tilly) – Tilly is the forensic expert, who also has knowledge of the occult. Tilly is absolutely loyal to the family but she is a bit offbeat. Expect a few unintentional laughs when Tilly is working to discover the causes of death of residents in the town.
Demetria McKinney (May) – May is the tough and in-charge sheriff of La Rochelle. She is also the protective mother of Garvey, whom she raised as a single mom.
Morgana Van Peebles (Garvey) – Garvey is a young woman who was raised without a father. Garvey’s mother has instilled a sense of fierce independence in her. Garvey, for reasons revealed in the first episode, considers herself to be a member of the Hastings family.

Brad James as Calvin Hastings, Mario Van Peebles as Isaac Hastings — (Photo by: Mitchell Galin/Xlrator Media/Syfy)

[Mild Spoilers ahead] The first episode opens with Calvin and his younger brother running in terror from a supernatural threat. This scene is the set-up for the tragedy that causes Calvin to leave the family and join the Army. Also, in this episode, we are introduced to all of the main characters, as well the major elements of some of their backstories. The pilot introduces the central story arc, which involves the struggle between a very powerful Infernal and the Hastings family. The pilot has everything one could possibly want in a show about a family and their fight against the supernatural: zombies, snakes, witchcraft, graveyards, a sinister figure, and, of course, death.

As a prelude to the pilot episode airing, Superstition co-creator, Mario Van Peebles, took the time from directing one of the episodes of Superstition to take part in conference call to talk about the show. I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the conference call. During the call, Mario Van Peebles went into some detail about how he chose the actors for their roles, the evolving story-line, and the mythology of the show. The depth and detail he described in making the show can be seen in the first episode. He promised that there will be no cookie-cutter characters. The Hastings are a family who unfortunately have to deal with the normal family issues while at the same time having to defeat the Infernals who are hell bent on destroying them and La Rochelle.  For those who watch Midnight, Texas, you may think the shows are similar. They are not since in Midnight, Texas, the supernatural beings are the good guys.  In Superstition, they are most definitely the bad guys.

I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot episode of Superstition as it is an exciting and thrilling introduction to characters we will want to know and whose like have not been seen before on television. If the conference call is any indication, Superstition will only get more exciting as we learn the secrets of the Hasting family and the Infernals who inhabit La Rochelle, GA. Without revealing too many secrets of the episode, I can say that viewers will be introduced to a very powerful Infernal who brings death and chaos to the town and the Hastings family. Mario Van Peebles promised that this story arc will be resolved by the end of the first season; but he also stated that the resolution of one issue does not solve every problem. We will need to tune into the show to discover what happens next.  I want to see what happens next on Superstition.

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