NYCC Recap: Amazon Prime Video’s The Tick Dangerboat Experience & The Museum of Lore


I have recently fallen in love with some of Amazon Prime Video’s shows and was ecstatic to hear that they intended to have a presence at New York Comic Con (NYCC).  Amazon Prime Video wasn’t coming to NYCC on a small scale either.  They were bringing a replica of Dangerboat from The Tick and creating a Lore Museum for fans to interact with the Lore stories.

If you have never seen The Tick, your first question might be what (or who) is Dangerboat?   He is the sidekick for Overkill, who is a unhinged vigilante in The Tick series.  Dangerboat is voiced by Alan Tyduk and when you see it you can’t help but want to press all of the buttons inside.  Amazon Prime Video was letting attendees do just that in their full-scale Dangerboat replica!

The replica of Dangerboat took up a large area of the exhibit floor and looked just like the one in the show.   When attendees walked inside there were a million buttons to play with.  The first thing a guest did was to register themselves as a superhero with their name and super powers.  This is a serious question; if you could have any superpower, what would it be?  I think my answer changes by the day but on the day I visited Dangerboat, it was time travel.  

After attendees registered, they got to walk around, flip buttons (I pressed all of the red ones), and drive Dangerboat.  Yes, that’s right, I said you get to drive it  and even shoot some missiles!  After that, attendees registered their backstories.  They didn’t have time to get too comfy though because the whole time a guest was going through the experience, Dangerboat was interacting with them.  Dangerboat also knew the names of the people with whom he was interacting.   

On the way out, attendees received a can of FO-HAM which, based on Overkill’s stalk in the show, must be the vigilante’s primary source of nutrition.

The Tick is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

The Lore Museum was based on the Lore podcast which is about non-fiction scary stories.  The critically-acclaimed podcast premiered as a TV adaptation on October 13th on Amazon Prime Video.  To invite fans into this world, the museum was set up so that attendees could enter into the stories they would soon be able to stream on Amazon.

I was unfamiliar with the Lore podcast until the museum was announced.  As a fan of scary stories, especially ones that have stemmed into folklore this was top on my list to attend.  Attendees were first given a set of earphones so that they could watch a video that told them about Lore and what to expect from the series.  Then attendees were asked who was the bravest amongst them; before I could volunteer, the ladies in front of me nominated their friend.  The guest who was chosen as the bravest was told to knock upon the doors in sequence. For the first two doors, they were told to enter right after knocking, but for the third, they were instructed to knock and wait.

The first room contained a child’s room with a nanny making sure the room was tidy.  She told attendees about the nice family who used to live there before ‘he’ came.  The whole time she was nervous and it soon became clear that she was scared of the doll in the rocking chair.  Attendees even had to ask his permission if they wanted to take a photo.  The second room was full of mirrors with a lady in white, she lead attendees to a mirror. When a guest looked into it, the mirror wrote the guest’s name backwards in the mirror (once they had scanned our bracelets). The third room (once the door opened)  brought attendees to a dining room, but the human parts being served on the table did not look like a feast for humans.  This room told of of a town that believed in werewolves.

Each room was beautifully built and the actors were immersed in their parts, so much so that I jumped in the third room, even though I wasn’t scared.  If you haven’t streamed the Lore yet, episodes are available on Amazon Prime Video.

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