Review: Shannara Chronicles Episode 2 – ‘Wraith’

In episode two, the focus of the series shifts to building the overarching season storylines. The following aspects are starting to emerge and it will be interesting to see how these develop over the course of the season:

  • Queen Tamlin’s (Caroline Chikezie) proposal for an alliance between Humans and Elves.
  • Bandon’s efforts to bring back the Dagda Mor.
  • Conflicts building between General Rega of the Crimson and the Druid as well as Allanon and the world of magic users.

Queen Tamilin is a commanding and formidable presence whose actions permeate throughout the entire episode. We look forward to seeing more of her pulling the strings of the events taking place. Bandon’s presence isn’t as strong but he pulls off ‘crazy’ in a way that is a natural growth of his character from season one and he is entertaining to watch. General Riga of the Crimson is looking more and more like someone who is obsessed with gaining power by whatever means necessary, even if it is fear-mongering for his own political gain. We anticipate learning more about the Crimson and its leader as the season continues.

We are a bit disappointed with the tired trope played by both Will and King Ander of the ‘reluctant hero’. We see a glimmer of hope for Will but fear he will be uninterested in participating in the big events taking place during this season. Hopefully, King Ander will remember his sister Amberle’s sacrifice in season one and step up. Further, the capture and ‘rescue’ of Eretria and Lyria, while convenient for plot purposes, plays to the typical cliche of the woman needing to be rescued. We expect more of Eretria.

All and all, we enjoyed the episode and hope to see stronger motivations and character development for the younger actors while tuning in to see Allanon’s, Queen Tamlin’s, General Riga’s and Bandon’s onscreen performances.


Alyssa bought her first comic at age 7 & was hooked. She has collected comics most of her life. Recently she has branched out to comic art and books and the occasional Lego. She goes to as many con's as she can & enjoys the 'long form' story telling of TV. She also enjoys new kinds of food- yes, she is a foodie.