SDCC 2018: Fandom Fete Party


It is never too early to start planning for SDCC 2018. With that said we wanted to loop you in on a social event being organized by The Geekiary, a friend of FoCC. They have recently announced their 2018 multi-fandom pre-SDCC social event, Fandom Fete. The event is scheduled to take place Wednesday July 18th at 9:30 pm in the Gaslamp District and will be hosted by The GeekiarySaga Event PlanningThe Collective Blog, and Friends of Comic Con
More details about the venue will be announced after it has been secured (stay tuned for updates).
The event: Fandom Fete will feature a semi-open bar, free swag, entertainment, and cosplay related activities. VIP perks include early admission (including access to the semi-open bar) and additional swag.  General admission tickets will be available for purchase at a later date some time in 2018.

The Geekiary has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to cover the initial costs of the event and secure the venue. Campaign perks include SDCC Exclusive merchandise, celebrity autographs, eBook bundles, and special advanced admission VIP passes.  We are also offering exclusive opportunities for other groups including a partnership perk for small companies and blogs, and a sponsorship perk with top billing and a VIP group admission. Additional perks will be added as the campaign goes forward.
The campaign will run for 60 days.  It is a fixed funding campaign.  Please note: If the initial cost of the event isn’t met, no contributors will be charged and Fandom Fete will be rescheduled.
More information will be found through the following links and more importantly the link to the fundraising campaign: 
We encourage everyone interested to take a look at the fundraising campaign website and consider making a contribution – no matter how small.
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