Thankful – 2017

by Transmute Jun

It’s that time of year again; the holidays are here! It seems like they came up faster this year, possibly because of all of the fall excitement with an early returning registration for San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) and the anticipation of open registration before the end of the year. Thanksgiving is upon us, and I feel woefully unprepared. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not thankful. As I did last year, I took an informal survey of the people who work at the Friends of Comic Con Blog, to find out why they are thankful in 2017. Here’s what I found.

  • We are thankful that The Walking Dead has found its groove again.
  • We are thankful for a second (excellent) season of Stranger Things.
  • We are thankful that the Justice League movie is a huge improvement over Batman vs. Superman.
  • We are thankful to be living in the Golden Age of Television, with so many fantastic programs that we don’t have time to watch them all!
  • We are thankful to have been successful in obtaining SDCC 2018 badges in returning registration (and thankful for the accelerated schedule Comic Con International seems to be following this year).
  • We are thankful for all of the meetups and gatherings we have during cons, allowing us to connect with our online friends and geek tribes.
  • We are thankful for all of the geek pioneers and trailblazers who came before, who have allowed us to flourish and find our moment in the sun of social acceptance.

But mostly, we are extremely thankful for our friends and family who love us. Many of us are going through life upheaval at the moment; some of us are moving to new cities, some are preparing for loved ones to leave their homes, some are preparing for new jobs. We are thankful for the support of those around us as we go through challenging times.

I hope that everyone at the Friends of Comic Con Blog (and all of our readers) has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

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Transmute Jun

Transmute Jun has an addiction to pop culture conventions, and attends as many as she can each year. When she's not traveling, she likes to stay at home reading a good book, playing a video game, or binge-watching a TV show. She can be bribed with pizza, Coke Zero and Belgian milk chocolate.