SDCC 2018 Open Registration: Smooth and Early

by Transmute Jun

After the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) badge sales were held so late last year, most attendees were not expecting the early dates for the sales this year, with both returning and open registration for 2018 occurring before the end of 2017. However despite the earlier timeframe, open registration for the 2018 con (to be held July 19-22, with Preview Night on July 18) went smoothly. It seems that Comic Con International (CCI) and Expo Logic are now comfortable with the badge sale process, and able to handle the hundreds of thousands of people who wish to attend the convention (which is assumed to have an approximate attendance of 130,000, although official numbers have not been released).

The open registration sale (open to anyone with a member ID who did not purchase a Preview Night badge during returning registration last October) was held on the morning of Saturday, December 9. As usual, the waiting room opened at 8 am Pacific time, and attendees were sorted into random groups at 9 am. After a few minutes, attendees were let slowly into the buying room.

Preview night badges went first, with Saturday, Friday, Thursday and Sunday following in that order. The entire sale took just over an hour. Badge type sellout times were as follows:

Preview Night – 9:23 am

Saturday – 9:37 am

Friday – 9:43 am

Thursday – 10:01 am

Sunday – 10:05 am


Unfortunately, there are simply not enough badges for everyone who wishes to attend SDCC, but for those who were able to purchase those golden tickets during the sale, it is time to celebrate! For those who were not so lucky, there is always comfort in knowing that you will have another chance next year. It’s also not too late to check out other great cons, such as New York Comic Con, Emerald City Comic Con, C2E2 and WonderCon. Just because you can’t attend SDCC doesn’t mean that your year should be con-less!

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Transmute Jun

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