Hangout 12/10: CCI vs. SLCC with Bianca Bruno & Rob Salkowitz

From Englishman in San Diego, here

“…not even a mouse!”
Good grief. Thought that things were going to settle down, the closer we get to Christmas? No such luck! Not only are Leonard and Alyssa going to be recapping yesterday’s San Diego Comic-Con Open Online Badge Registration sale, we are also going to be joined by Rob Salkowitz (Forbes) and Bianca Bruno (Courthouse News Service) who are going to be talking about the drama, decision and ramifications of this week court battle between CCI and Salt Lake Comic Con.

An excellent ‘must not miss’ conversation with Bianca Bruno and Rob Salowitz about the court case is first.

Table of content
Start to min. 50– SLCC vs. CCI with Court Reporter Bianca Bruno & Rob Salkowitz
Min. 50 to 1:10 — Open Reg and CCI news
Min 1:10 to 1:16– Last Jedi preview
Min 1:16 to end small screen media


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