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Late to this party, but I LOVE Nerd Nite at SDCC every year! I missed out last year, but I see someone linked one of my writers' articles and I went in 2015 and 2016.

In my opinion, it gets a little bit crowded if you show up too late, so the earlier you're there the better. The reason we didn't go last year was that, when we showed up, they were at capacity and we didn't want to wait outside until it cleared out enough for us even though we had "tickets."

The talks are always interesting and it's relatively easy to mingle with the speakers too. There's usually a moderate amount of food, a lot more drinks, and some great swag.

Particularly for You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login, there may be a press release about it? Though from my emails last year, it looks like I got my tickets before the press release. But we've been offered interview opportunities both ahead of time and on the fly at the event before in case any of this year's speakers catch your eye -- might be worth asking about.
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Glad it's back. They had some pretty good VR demos and exhibits and not much of a wait (at least the day we were there.)

We went preview night and didn't wait for hardly anything and had a great time last year. Picked up a t-shirt and some little swag things too if I remember correctly.
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CCI General Discussion / Re: How far are you coming from?
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From Singapore. I've been wanting to go to SDCC since 2006 when I first learned about it. It took me 12 years of waiting, saving, and luck but I'm going for the first time this year!
My bf and I will be going to SDCC for the first time and we've never been to San Diego before. I've got a question, which is a better priced option to get to and from the airport to my accommodation on the day we arrive and depart? I'll be staying in the Hotel Circle area in Mission Valley.

- Uber/Lyft. Would it be easy to get a ride since there are many people in the city who might be using the app?
- Shuttle services like You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login or You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login. The reviews I've read online about shuttles seem mixed.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
I'm so excited for you, Andrew!!  I pulled up the website of the festival and found your name on the schedule!

The theatre isn't far from the hot spots in Berlin -- Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Holocaust Memorial, Pergamon Museum.  Enjoy your time there!
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Which vendors are having Sails tickets this year? I assume Hasbro, but Funko is not the same this year. Someone post the list here when available.
Thanks to all and see you at SDCC 2018!

Great question, may a future Toucan post or Exclusives area update soon provide the answer.

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Something happened with my browser, every page on the Mattel shop now directs me to the "page not found" page. Private browsing and other browsers work fine so it's some weird cookie thing I guess, maybe I refreshed the Thanos copter link too many times.
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