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CCI General Discussion / Re: San Diego Convention Center Expansion
« Last post by Berts on Today at 10:37:18 am »
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Im guessing any work going on around comic-con time will put on hold like a week before and all be stablized or fixed so place is useable while the event happens and then will continue i guess a week after so all stuff can be brought in and taken out before they start or continue any work on place. so guessing maybe be open air or partial open while con is happening upstair, will be a temp coveringso so no one gotta fry while in the open air area at time of con. atleast i would think they do that if need at time. so they gonna be busy before and after the con to have the center be useable at anytime.

In the video, he says that the entire project will be complete by this January. So it won't affect Comic-Con.
I bought one of the first balcony.  It's actually comparable to how much I paid when the Bolshoi was in town. 
I"m watching those front row seats appear and disappear and appear again as people think about it then realize they should not be dumb.

I can't believe they are charging for any seat in this panel. My opinion of ReedPop continues to plummet.
i got the first row of the $49.  They're on the floor, but I doubt I'll be able to see much.
I'm hoping Bruce Campbell is doing is that well also.   I need ticketed to it!
Front  row was $1,499.99. I got two in my cart then quickly deleted.   I went with the $30
I just bought a second balcony seat in case I feel like going...might already be wiped out from the day!
I think NYCC is playing a bit to coy with their wording.

"...any panels he may be doing at NYCC"

come out and say either he is or he isn't. cause you are going to face backlash no matter what the answer is
Honestly, I'd love him to do a free panel too, but that would probably cause just as much backlash (from people who bought tickets to this one).

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I hope to god that NYCC doesn't go the way of paid panels. And wow did those front seats sell out fast, did anyone see how much they costed?

I'm considering some of those balcony seats, $14 looks like the lowest price and that seems somewhat reasonable (although free, like most panels, would be nice).

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