Fantastic Beasts

Do it….A delightfully fun movie, gorgeous and imaginative with characters we can identify with. There is a dark side to the movie but the fun far out weights the dark. An outsider, Newt enlists the help of a ‘disgraced company-man’ Tina, the ‘dreamer’ Queenie and the ‘everyman’ in Jacob to find the missing pets. They end up helping the New York Wizards despite themselves. Fantastic Beasts is a fun & light hearted movie


Alyssa bought her first comic at age 7 & was hooked. She has collected comics most of her life. Recently she has branched out to comic art and books and the occasional Lego. She goes to as many con's as she can & enjoys the 'long form' story telling of TV. She also enjoys new kinds of food- yes, she is a foodie.