Recap: Into the Badlands – Wolf’s Breath, Dragon Fire

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SPOILER ALERT-Do not read if you have not seen the season two finale of Into the Badlands.

Quote of the week: “Take care of our son.”

The episode opens with Sunny going to a locked shed. Inside the shed are weapons and the motorcycle Sunny rode in the first episode of season one. He carefully arms himself before he takes off on his motorcycle to confront Quinn.

Meanwhile, at The Widow’s compound, Waldo lectures The Widow about the folly of declaring war on Quinn and Sunny. He says that whoever is left standing will come after her. The Widow is not bothered as it appears that she has some plan. Waldo suddenly realizes that Tilda is not there. He asks her about Tilda with a growing sense of unease because he thinks that The Widow might have killed Tilda. Minerva just says that they have parted ways but is angered that Waldo believes she would kill Tilda. Waldo clearly is not sure what The Widow is capable of at this point. Waldo has decided that he has had enough of The Widow and decides to leave. The Widow offers him a Barony to stay. Waldo is rightly suspicious of her offer since her entire purpose has been to destroy the feudal system. She responds that the people will not be able to govern themselves immediately after being freed. They will need strong leadership during the transition to a new system. Waldo sees her offer for what it is: a desperate ploy to keep him in the fold. It is clear that The Widow wants someone running the other territory who is sympathetic to her plans and who has the skills to lead recently freed people. It’s an offer Waldo appears unable to refuse as The Widow has correctly identified that Waldo has always wanted to be a Baron.

Marton Csokas as Quinn – Into the Badlands _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

At his bunker, Quinn is whipping his men into a fighting frenzy. The Clippers pledge to die for Quinn. Lydia appears and tells the men of Quinn’s plan to bring the bunker down on their heads with explosives. What Lydia does not realize is that the men knew of this plan already and they are not afraid to die for Quinn. What is truly fascinating is how Quinn’s illness, instead of debilitating him, has given him almost messianic power to lead his men. They are willing to die for a dead madman walking.

Unfortunately for Lydia, Quinn has not died from his illness. Quinn orders his men to have her dig her own grave before they execute her.

Later, in the forest, Lydia finishes her grave, one of the Clippers gives her a small idol. Lydia prays to the gods for strength before she uses the shovel to attack and kill one of the guards while knocking the other to the ground. She attempts to flee as the guard recovers and gives chase. Lydia stumbles and falls as the Clipper catches her. As she prepares to die, Sunny arrives and quickly kills the Clipper with a knife to the head. Lydia tells Sunny about what Quinn has planned. Sunny gives Lydia a blade to defend herself before leaving to battle Quinn.

The Widow has not been inactive. She has MK brought to her conservatory, where she tries to convince him to help her get their gifts back. As she pressures him, MK finally grabs a pair of pruning shears and he puts them to his own throat. He threatens to kill himself unless he can see Bajie. The Widow has Bajie brought into the room.

In a very revealing scene, The Widow tells MK that he does not know the real Bajie. Bajie says that he did come back to save Minerva at the monastery, which cost him his gift. But Minerva says he came back for the book, not her. She explains to MK that Bajie’s only real interest in him was to obtain the Azran book. MK questions Bajie about The Widow’s claims. He asks if Bajie went to the monastery to help save Sunny from the abbot death blow or to get the compass. Bajie protests that they did save Sunny but MK is horribly disillusioned by this revelation. He silently walks away as The Widow tells Bajie that he will now fulfill his promise and translate the Azran book for her or die trying.

Later, in his prison cell, Bajie is working on translating the book. Tilda is in the next cell recovering consciousness after the brutal beating by The Widow. Bajie introduces himself as a friend of MK while Tilda is still stunned that The Widow was capable hurting her. Tilda tries to trick a guard into entering her cell to give her the food he passed under her bars but he does not fall for her trick. After the guard leaves, Bajie and Tilda hear sounds of a scuffle. Odessa has come to rescue Tilda. Tilda insists on saving Bajie as well. Odessa is reluctant to save Bajie because he wants to save MK. Bajie insists that Odessa tell Tilda the truth of why MK and Bajie were captured. Odessa explains to Tilda why she betrayed MK and Bajie. She is truly afraid of MK and she is afraid that he will hurt Tilda. Tilda grabs the keys from Odessa and releases Bajie to save Sunny as he is the only one who has a chance to defeat The Widow.

Bajie, Tilda, and Odessa make it to a vehicle where a Clipper finds them. As he starts to question them, Waldo arrives to save the trio. He sends the Clipper on his way as he tells Tilda to take care. After escaping the compound and several miles away, the group parts company. Bajie goes to help Sunny against Quinn while Odessa and Tilda depart to make new lives for themselves.

Aramis Knight as M.K., Emily Beecham as The Widow – Into the Badlands _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

At her compound, The Widow takes MK for a walk in her gardens, where she continues trying to convince MK to get back his gift. MK is tired of her lies; he demands the truth from her. The Widow tells him that he will never leave until they both recover their gifts. MK tells her that if he ever regains his gift that he will kill her. The Widow makes a deal with him. If he beats her, he is free; but, if he loses, he has to follow her. The reality is this: if both Minerva and MK were to regain their gifts and they joined together, they would be unbeatable.

Meanwhile, Sunny arrives at the bunker, where he is confronted by Quinn and Quinn’s men. Sunny attacks them and he is shot by a flaming arrow but he continues to charge. Quinn fires an arrow at an explosive charge above Sunny that brings down the roof on his head. Quinn retreats farther into the bunker.

Fortunately for Sunny, Bajie arrives and pulls him from the ruble. Quinn’s men arrive ready to battle. The fight scene that ensues is the goriest of the season, with blood and limbs flying all over the place! Sunny and Bajie finally prevail, which allows Sunny to go in search of Veil. He finds her locked in Quinn’s office. Sunny kicks in the door and he is finally reunited with her. As they tenderly kiss, Quinn’s Regent arrives but Bajie knocks him down. Sunny and Veil go to find Henry, while Bajie is left to fight with the Regent.

Bajie defeats the Regent but because of a mistake that Bajie makes, the Regent stabs him with a pair of scissors. As Bajie sits and suffers from the wound, he laments that he will die from a scissors not from a sword. He also cryptically says that he wanted to save the world.

Deep in the bunker, Sunny and Veil confront Quinn, who has Henry. Quinn sets off another explosive device, which traps them in the bunker. Sunny then engages Quinn in a fight, which reminds us that Quinn taught Sunny how to fight. This is a battle which is personal to both and the stakes are very high. The choreography of their struggle is incredible! Their movements are swift, efficient, powerful, and very deadly.

Daniel Wu as Sunny – Into the Badlands _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

As Sunny and Quinn fight, Veil attempts to leave with Henry. Quinn is able to stun Sunny, which allows him stop Veil from escaping. Quinn then grabs his sword to kill Veil. Sunny recovers and throws a sword through Quinn’s back. This starts another fight sequence which would be extraordinary under any circumstances but it passes into a different realm when we consider the injuries of both men. This time, Sunny defeats Quinn.

Sunny runs to Veil, where she introduces Sunny to his son, Henry. Sunny looks for Bajie, but he is no longer in Quinn’s office. Veil tells Sunny that they have to go. Veil gives Henry to Sunny to carry. Unfortunately for Sunny, he made a tragic error, because he did not make sure Quinn was dead. Quinn grabs Veil and tells Sunny he can have Veil but that he wants Henry. Veil, in a moment of true sacrifice, tells Sunny to take care of Henry before she uses Quinn’s knife to stab herself and Quinn. She did not want Sunny to have to make a Sophie’s choice. As Veil dies, Sunny is devastated. He buries Veil and walks away with Henry.

Meanwhile, Bajie has stolen Sunny’s motorcycle. He reaches what appears to be an abandoned radar station. Inside the station, at a control panel, he uses the Azran compass and book to follow a sequence in pushing buttons on the panel. The station comes alive and starts to broadcast a signal. Bajie says, “Azra” as he falls unconscious.

Nick Frost as Bajie – Into the Badlands _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

The season two finale of Into the Badlands, “Wolf’s Breath, Dragon Fire”, is a tour de force of wonderfully crafted fight scenes, profound emotional turmoil, and startling revelations. Sunny’s journey ends, Bajie achieves his secret goal, Tilda is still alive, and Minerva has MK under her control. What everyone learns is that there is a price which has to be paid to reach one’s goal. Sometimes it is a very high price.

Sunny loses Veil but he gains Henry. Bajie makes it to his goal but whom did he have to betray to reach it? Also, it is not clear that he will live to enjoy his success. MK no longer has his gift but he will be forced to regain it. He does not know whom he can trust at this point. Minerva has lost Tilda, the Azran book, and allegiances with Sunny and Quinn but she has MK in her power. Is she Flea, The Widow, or Minerva? What has she not revealed to her allies, Waldo, or MK? Clearly, the great revelation of the season is that the Azran book activates a signaling station. The questions we want answered in season three are: who or what is being signaled by the station? How does it relate to the dark gift? Where is the Master? What does she know about Azra? How will Sunny deal with the loss of Veil and having to raise his son alone? We have been promised 16 episodes for season three. If season two is any indication, then season three will be spectacular!

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