Hangout 6/18: @ChristiandMilan

From Leonard’s web site, An Englishman in San Diego


This Sunday, let’s take a little bit of a breather from all the San Diego Comic-Con news and stress and flap out about an entirely different show, altogether! The weekend before SDCC, holding court at Anaheim Convention Center, is the D23 Expo Fan Event – you, our audience, have asked and we’re going to deliver with a preview episode, letting you know exactly what you can expect from this rarified event.

We’re lucky to be joined by someone who not only has been to D23 Expo before but also really knows his way around: Christian Milan, the man behind a whole bunch of really helpful YouTube vids, helping first-timers out with their D23 experience. Still, it’s always good to ask questions out loud and get answers straight from the horses mouth – let’s dive in to everything House Of Mouse!


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