Hangout 7/2: Business of Con w/ RobSalk & SDCC panels

From An Englishman in San Diego

“What the hell just happened??”

That has been pretty much the response on almost a daily basis this week, as update after update after update came pouring out of every corner, re: SDCC 2017! Official Comic-Con International announcements, off-site news, panel confirmations… hey, the panel confirmations! It’s almost to the point where we don’t need the official panel listings next week!

Speaking of official announcements, CCI ‘s David Glanzer and the office of Mayor Faulconer stood outside the San Diego Convention Center this week and proclaimed that the convention will be staying in SD thru 2021: this is a big deal for the city and for SDCC. To talk about that, and the recent legal strife between CCI and Salt Lake Comic Con, we’ll be joined this week by Rob Salkowitz to explain it all.

That, and Alyssa and Leonard will be going over as much of the chatter of the week. An hour long show? You’re having a giraffe!!

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We are also joined by Andy Behbakht Founder/host of the Marvel Report joining us for the discussion about announced panels.


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