FXHibition returns to SDCC 2017


SDCC attendees will be happy to know that FX will be taking over the park in front of the Hilton Bayfront with their FXHibition offsite activation. A number of FX properties will be represented including American Horror Story, The Strain, Atlanta, and more. The feature of this offsite will be Legion with an immersive mixed reality (MR) experience, titled “Sessions: The Legion Mixed Reality Experience”. According to FX, the experience will transport fans into the headspace of David Haller, where they will be able to interact with his world and test the boundaries of their own reality. Fans will go through key scenes as seen in Legion season 1, and for the first time, get a sneak peek into season 2. In addition to full use of Microsoft’s HoloLens, the MR experience will feature real-life actors throughout the experience for a full emergence into the world of Legion

Legion Exterior

The experience is produced by immersive studio HERE BE DRAGONS and advanced reservations for “Sessions: The Legion Mixed Reality Experience” can be made at LegionSessions.com, beginning July 17.

Updated – 7/12

Here are some additional information for this offsite:

American Horror Story fans can get a tease of the upcoming season through the mesmerizing, larger-than-life AHS Zoetrope.  The mind-bending experience promises to present the chilling series in a whole new way.

The “FXhibition” space will also provide plenty of sharable moments for fans.  A unique photo booth inspired by breakout series Atlanta plays off the series’ mix of surreal elements with hyper-real themes.   Once inside, participants will be able to capture shareable videos of themselves walking up walls and treading on the ceiling as they experience life from every perspective.

·         The FX Scene Stealer, which will use the power of green screen technology to allow attendants to star in personalized scenes from original series like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Archer, Legion, and The Strain.

·         The Strain Sun Protection Station, which will feature some of the show’s iconic props including Bolivar’s head and multiple stingers, as well as provide life-saving sunscreen to protect fans from harmful rays.

·         Snowfall Lacing Station, where fans can get their own sneakers re-laced by experts in unique styles with FX-branded laces.

·         The Archer Wet Bar will encourage fans to rehydrate with water.

·         FX Swag Box, a branded claw machine to distribute limited edition prizes, an experience that fans will want to share.

For fans of the Strain, the “FXhibition” space will also host an early screening of the first two episodes of the new and final season of The Strain on Friday, July 21 from 7 – 9 PM.


For details and more information on how to be a part of the FXHibition 2017 experience, visit FXSDCC.com.



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