Looking ahead to The Strain – Season 4


As we look forward to the fourth, and unfortunately, final season of the FX series The Strain, I had the opportunity to have a chat with Cas Anvar (who plays Sanjay Desai). His character was introduced in Season 3 and based on our discussion his character will play a key role in this upcoming season of the series.

When asked is Sanjay was a survivor or opportunist his response was that Sanjay is a strong combination of both. This was evident in a scene where he watched Thomas Eichorst (played by Richard Sammel) ruthlessly test out a human processing machine on one of the builders. Sanjay’s cold reaction in light of the gruesome scene before his eyes showed how he adapted to the situation presented to him.

Anvar describes Sanjay as “highly intelligent and is determined to be the last man standing. He will not show fear… he can’t. He wants to be on the winning side.” As season 3 progresses we saw how Sanjay showed no loyalties and can talk his way out of any situation.

Toward the end of season 3 Sanjay aligned himself with Eldritch Palmer (played by Jonathan Hyde) while trying to align himself with Thomas Eincourst (played by Richard Sammel). Anvar described Sanjay as an “Eincourst mini-me.”.

Looking ahead to this season he did not want to spoil much but he said “whatever you’ve seen him in season 3 ain’t nothing”. He also mentioned he had enjoyable experience working with Ruth Gedmintas (who plays Dutch Velders).

Personally, I am certainly looking forward to this next season of The Strain as well as the panel at San Diego Comic Con.

The Strain premieres this Sunday, July 16th, on FX with Seasons 1 through 3 available on Hulu. Here is the trailer for season 4…

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