Recap: Preacher – Sokosha

By Miclpea

SPOILER ALERT-Preacher- Season Two-Do not read if you have not seen episode six of Preacher.

Quote of the Week- “How do you know about this stuff?”

Sokosha opens with a financially destitute man and his wife negotiating with a Japanese businessman who is known as The Technician (played by James Kyson of Heroes fame). They initially decide on selling 10% of the man’s soul, but are finally convinced to sell 15% to the Technician. The Technician sets up a machine which extracts 15% of the man’s soul and hands them a check for $150,000. He then boards an armored vehicle with the logo of Soul Happy Go-Go (in Japanese) on the side. The armored vehicle stops along the way for sausages at an outdoor grill before arriving at a mansion.

Inside the mansion, the man of the house takes The Technician to the living room where his wife is watering the plants. She appears to be suffering from Alzheimer’s or some form of dementia since she is watering the plants but she is not wearing pants or underwear. The Technician takes a vial with the soul extract and places it on the machine and asks for something personal from the wife to determine if the soul is compatible with her. It is compatible and The Technician uses a centrifuge machine to convert the soul extract to a pill. She consumes it and becomes aware of her surroundings. The wealthy man gives The Technician a credit card which transfers $2.7 million dollars to Soul Happy Go-Go.

At Denis’ apartment, Tulip, Jesse, and Cassidy are the picture of domestic bliss as Tulip prepares them breakfast. However, there is still tension between Denis and Cassidy. Later in the episode we discover why there is the tension.

As they are eating breakfast, discussing trying to find God and Lara, Cassidy manages to arouse Tulip’s jealousy by talking about how  Jesse was fascinated by Lara. Tulip becomes more agitated as she learns additional facts about Lara and Jesse.

Meanwhile, Allison (Viktor’s daughter) has led The Saint of Killers (TSOK) to Denis’ apartment complex but she is unsure which apartment is Denis’. She points to one and leaves as TSOK heads for it. It is the wrong apartment. TSOK goes from apartment to apartment, killing people as he looks for Jesse.

Graham McTavish as The Saint of Killers

Jesse hears one of the gunshots and starts looking around the apartment. He goes to the refrigerator and opens a tub of yogurt which contains the smoldering bullet from TSOK’s gun. Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy escape before TSOK finds the correct apartment.

After they escape, Jesse calls the casino to talk to Fiore. He discovers from the casino that Ganesh (Fiore) was killed by a cowboy and he did not return. Tulip wants to run but Jesse disagrees. He says that they must find TSOK’s weakness, so they go to the public library for information.

At the library, they research the history of TSOK. They discover that TSOK was a confederate soldier who was known for his brutality. After the war, he fell in love but his wife and daughter died of illness. Their deaths broke him and destroyed his soul. He could not join them in heaven because he no longer had a soul after killing everyone in the town where he had gone to get medicine.

Unfortunately, Cassidy realizes a very important fact as they are researching TSOK: he forgot about Denis. He calls Denis to warn him about an intruder but of course Denis does not understand and TSOK grabs him. As TSOK prepares to kill Denis, Jesse grabs the phone and he tells TSOK in the voice of Genesis to not harm Denis as he is returning to Denis’ apartment to meet TSOK.

Jesse arrives at Denis’ apartment where TSOK is holding Denis hostage. TSOK turns his gun on Jesse and prepares to kill him. Jesse tells TSOK that if he kills him, the deal is off. Jesse convinces TSOK to let Denis go because Jesse’s proposal has intrigued him. TSOK gives Jesse a minute to prove that he knows what the deal is and how Jesse plans to honor the deal.

Jesse explains to TSOK that he is not really working for God and God is no longer in Heaven. TSOK demands proof. Jesse shows TSOK the video of the fake God. Jesse tells TSOK that he can use the power of Genesis to get him into Heaven. To get TSOK into Heaven, Jesse agrees to find him a soul. However, Jesse only has an hour to find a soul for TSOK or TSOK will kill Denis, Tulip, and Cassidy.

Jesse goes directly to a voodoo store to buy a soul. Jesse knows that souls have been sold from the shop for more than 150 years. The proprietor tells Jesse that the Japanese have cornered the market on souls. As they are talking, the Soul Happy Go-Go company armored truck stops for their sausages at the outdoor grill. Jesse runs outside to confront them but neither the guards nor The Technician can hear him in the airtight truck. As Jesse is trying to gain entry to the armored vehicle, Tulip calls. She is worried and Denis is not doing well. Jesse reassures her everything will be alright. He asks her if she knows how to break into an armored truck, which of course she does. She tells Jesse how to build a bomb, which he attaches to the truck. The bomb explodes, but it does not damage the truck. It does however cause a nearby police car to respond.

Back at Denis’ apartment, Denis is getting worse. Cassidy finally reveals that Denis is his son which of course shocks Tulip. Tulip tries to plead with TSOK to release Denis. TSOK lifts Tulip by the throat and throws her to the ground as he tells her that they have until 6 p.m. for Jesse to return.

Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare, Graham McTavish as The Saint of Killers 

Jesse has taken control of the policeman and the patrol car. They have stopped the armored car and Jesse orders the policeman to tell the armored truck guards to open the armored truck. Jesse gains control of the truck and has the driver race to Denis’ apartment. In the rear of the armored truck, Jesse and The Technician are trying to find a soul to match TSOK’s bullet. They cannot find one. Tulip calls to ask Jesse if he found the soul. He tells her almost but he is on the way. In moment of desperation, Jesse tests his soul which is a match for TSOK. He asks The Technician what is the minimum he can give. The Technician says 1%. The Technician extracts the 1%.

Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare, Graham McTavish as The Saint of Killers 

Jesse arrives at Denis’ apartment and tells The Technician and his men to get lost. He races up the stairs as TSOK prepares to kill Tulip with his sword. Cassidy grabs the sword, which cuts off his fingers. Jesse arrives and stops TSOK. As the situation calms down, Tulip wants to know how Jesse knew where to find souls. Jesse tells her that it is “family business.”

Tulip leaves with Cassidy and Denis for the hospital. TSOK demands the soul extract and asks where Jesse secured the soul. TSOK correctly guesses that the soul extract is from Jesse himself. He swallows the soul pill and there is moment of epiphany as the soul joins with him. Jesse tells him to get on his knees to prepare to go to Heaven. TSOK replies that he gets on his knees for no one. Jesse uses the voice of Genesis on TSOK and the voice works now that he has a soul. Jesse threatens to send TSOK to Hell, but TSOK openly dares Jesse to send him to Hell with Jesse’s own soul. Jesse decides to take a trip instead.

Jesse locks TSOK in back of the armored truck and drives it into a swamp as TSOK screams “Preacher!” Later at Denis’s apartment, Cassidy has bought Denis a new flat screen TV and other electronic gear. In the bathroom, Jesse is hiding the weapons that he took from TSOK.

Well, one major question is finally answered: we know that Denis is Cassidy’s son. TSOK is imprisoned in the armored truck at the bottom of a swamp, but for how long? Let’s not forget that Jesse still has to find God and deal with Lara’s organization.

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