Ash vs. Evil Dead – Episode 302


Uh oh, Ruby’s suit isn’t white anymore.   What an amazing idea to keep it white all through the first episode in order to better show the blood in the second episode.  It seems as though this baby born in the image of Ash is going to cause some trouble. I love how its mouth opened in order to eat the hitchhiker and the prosthetic work on Ruby was incredible.  Ruby being back to evil is a lot of fun but I can’t help but miss our old Ruby who started to see the errors in her ways, as well as some potentially redeeming qualities in Ash. But hey, she is counseling Brandy, so there’s always some hope, right? At least, until she kills her off to pave the way for her own child to become “The Heir”.

Dalton’s story is interesting and it’s a lot to cover.   We have the Demon Woman of Fire; is this Ruby? I felt the drawing looked a lot like her.  I think I’m going to have to re-watch seasons one and two to see if anything correlates to this.  However, if Dalton’s family stole the power of the Necronomicon, I don’t think we can take him at face value as being a good guy (I mean, he is gluten free).   I feel like this could be a sign that he could turn on the gang. Which leads me to an important question: did Kaya get seduced by the book? Or did the others get seduced by the book and then bind Kaya into the book?   I’m looking forward to this playing out and I can’t wait to meet Kaya!

Clearly someone needed to take the book away from Ruby’s family.  In Army of Darkness, Ash steals the the Necronomicon from the graveyard. All we know is Ash went back to the middle ages and Kelly tells us that Dalton’s family has been fighting evil since the 1400’s. Could this make Ash the ancestor of Dalton’s family?  Did Ash seed Dalton’s family? I can’t wait to see the answer to these questions.

I am loving watching Ash trying to be a father to his daughter. In his attempts to be the cool dad he literally has no filter with her and it’s hilarious!  I can’t help but wonder if the prophesied one is Ash or if it is someone else from his bloodline. After all, Ash’s dad never got to tell us something in season two.  It seems that this is a family secret that isn’t specific to Ash that would explain the need to destroy his seed.

Speaking of Ash’s seed, I love the realization that Ash has about the possibility of more children. Last season we got the morgue and this season we got the sperm bank. You have to wonder why Ash didn’t bring Pablo with him; after all, we know how easily Ash can get distracted.  I love how he goes to the sperm bank to make sure that he doesn’t have children and yet still decides to make a deposit. How was he supposed to know that at the same time Ruby was going to be going after his seed?  The girl jumping out of the pornographic magazine to kill him was a fun twist to the scene and I couldn’t stop laughing when the deadite was attacking him with semen.

Poor Pablo, he can’t get a break.  It seems that being touched by evil is still impacting him.  I’m intrigued to see how this is going to turn out. I don’t want to believe that Pablo is going to go full demon on us.  I really can’t take losing him again.

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