The Reactor: Gaming News – The Division 2, Black Ops 4 and Smash Bros.

By Mario Wario

Like a bucket full of gravy, March 8th had a lot of important announcements on three major video game titles, which are being developed as we speak. The first bit of news to attack the internet was from Ubisoft and developer Massive Entertainment. They announced that Tom Clancy’s The Division will be getting a sequel, and that the title of this sequel is The Division 2.

However, that wasn’t the only bit of news from The Division 2 announcement. Several other Ubisoft studios (such as Reflection, Annecy, and Red Storm Entertainment, as well as Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Bucharest) will be working with the lead developer during the development phase of the game. It was also noted by Massive that The Division sequel will run on an updated version of the Snowdrop engine. There was not much said after that, other than Massive showing determination in getting the sequel “right”. Of course, with this year’s E3 getting closer, no more information will be given until the expo hits. Yet despite the announcement of an upcoming sequel, The Division is not being left behind quite yet, as two updates will be hitting the game in April and June, while certain additions and events to the game will also be entertaining the community a tad longer.

Activision and Treyarch announced that the next installment of the Call of Duty game franchise is going to be Black Ops 4. The game will be released on October 12th, 2018, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. As for the Nintendo Switch, nothing was said about the system. Maybe it can’t handle the game? Who knows, but I do believe this question will be answered at some point. On May 17th, a community reveal event will showcase Black Ops 4 a bit more, although I bet E3 will get some attention as well. (You can pre-order the ‘standard edition’ on Amazon, but I expect Activision/Treyarch to be releasing various editions of the game, that will have bonus content included.)

Nintendo Direct, had one major reveal that caught my attention. Super Smash Bros. is coming to the Switch this year! In the short teaser, Mario and Link were shown very quickly, yet their faces were kept hidden on purpose. A few other characters were in partial shadow as well. As if that wasn’t enough, the Splatoon series will be invading the Smash world for the first time to paint each new level orange, purple, etc. Finally, you can pre-order the game by going to Amazon right now.

Now My Overall Take on the Recent News:

Bring it on! However, I am curious to see on how different this new Black Ops game will be from the previous Call of Duty titles. The 2017 WWII game (which was developed by Sledgehammer Games) was fun to play by going back to the WWII era and there were some adjustments that did spice things up, but it wasn’t game changing. This yearly gaming franchise needs something refreshing in order to fight off that Call of Duty fatigue bug. Thus, I am very much intrigued to hear how Treyarch will tackle that. As for The Division 2, I would like to know if the location will be New York City still or will a new bigger location be available? Will the gaming mechanics be the same with a few added whistles or will something else be done to the system? What about the Dark Zone in the sequel; what other changes will be introduced to the series multiplayer mode? I can’t wait to get more information on the game.

Regarding the Super Smash Bros. game…right now, there’s nothing much else to say about it, since the information given during the Nintendo Direct presentation was not meaty at all. Hopefully that changes in June. Hopefully the game comes out this year, as stated in the reveal. I am excited to play a Smash game on my Nintendo Switch.

So, there you have it! With E3 2018 fast approaching, you can expect more news to drop (or to be leaked) about at least one new video game title, or possibly something on virtual reality. There could also be news about something ‘new’ that no one saw coming, which is the beauty of E3. This expo has a tendency to surprise the gaming community just by showing a trailer, a live demo, or showcasing a new piece of hardware. I do expect this year’s expo to be good, so buckle up…E3 is coming. I know I’m looking forward to all of the new games coming out over the rest of 2018!

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Mario Wario

Scott is a Spidey/Funko/video game fanatic, yet going to a pop culture convention is always his goal. Yes, he is also a fan of Mario and Wario. Follow him on Twitter: @ScottyTheWise