Ash Vs Evil Dead 303


I’m not sure how long we are going to leave Brandy clueless as to what’s going on. It seems to me that after what happened at the high school she would be a little more in tune.  Maybe Ash should leave her with Kelly for a bit. I’m guessing that a short stay at Ruby’s house should smarten her up, especially once she meets up with her demon baby half-brother.  

Getting knocked out seems to run in the family.  Let’s start with knockout one. If you thought Ash’s spin in the coffin was fantastic, it got better with him getting knocked out and waking up during the funeral.  The placement of Candy’s head was hilarious, and the line “we all grieve in our own way” had me laughing out loud. This is not helping Brandy’s state of mind.

Brock is back!  I was extremely excited to see Ash’s father return.  Of course, we don’t really know who it was. Clearly it looked and talked like Brock but he was also raised from the dead by Ruby.  I love how instantly Brandy and Brock bond. Brandy doesn’t know how lucky she is that these two men will never hit on her. After Brock knocks out his granddaughter (knock out two) and talks about eating Ash, it is confirmed that he’s not good old Brock.  He’s certainly not very grandfatherly at all. I don’t think I could ever get tired of seeing these two go at each other, even if Brandy gets kicked in the head during the fight (knock out three).

I was a little disappointed that the father/son fight ended so soon, but the conclusion was fantastic with Brandy waking up in time to see her grandfather being murdered by Ash’s chainsaw and getting covered in blood at the same time.  I’m assuming that this put the nail in the coffin and she is off to Ruby’s house for sure. I can’t help but wonder if Ruby plans to feed her to the demon baby made from Ash’s image. After all, Ash’s own flesh and blood could give it more power?

The part of the story that killed me was Pablo, Kelly, and Dalton going to get the dagger.  I like the naked lady leading Pablo. I’m actually wondering if she is Kaya. It makes sense that the Kandarian dagger would still be where the cabin was since the book was also found in that area. But did we have to kill Dalton so soon?   I had so many questions about his story line. There were so many ties to Army of Darkness that I was hoping to see.  Are there more of the Knights of Samaria? Was Dalton the last one?  Did the Knights of Samaria start with Ash? I also am now adding, have you ever battled evil before? For a gluten-free guy, you went down fast! I’m worried that Deadite Dalton put fears into Kelly’s head about Pablo.  Speaking of Pablo, where is he?

I hope that you stayed on to listen to the song during the credits.  It was a delight to hear Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless singing Kids by Bye Bye Birdie together.  Overall, I found the episode to be a lot of fun and as usual, the one-liners did not disappoint.

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