Ash Vs Evil Dead 304


YES!  We get more Brock!  

This episode finally answers our question of what Brock was trying to tell Ash in Season 2.   I have to admit I thought that it was going to be something to do with his bloodline, but I found this to be even more intriguing.  It seems that the Knights of Samaria have been trying to find Ash for awhile now. I have to wonder why it has taken them so long to track him down, since the original events from the cabin occurred decades ago, I guess we can just assume it has something to do with the prophecy.   

The Knights of Samaria have the lost pages of the Necronomicon and it seems that Brock’s stubbornness and his ability not to care has kept them hidden from everyone.  I love how he thinks he killed a man, seals the cellar, and his point of the story is that he was looking out for Ash. It’s this William’s logic that makes us love these characters so much.  The writing on the wall is interesting. You have to wonder if it’s telling Ash what to do with the lost pages. I can’t image that this Knight spent his last days in the cellar putting them on the wall if it wasn’t important.  This doesn’t get explored more though because the writing on the wall attacks Ash. Although it is possible that someone will be able to interpret the writings on the wall in future episodes.

Finally, we see Brandy and Kelly together.  It’s clear that Brandy listens to women better than to men.  It makes sense, since raised by a single mom and the person she is closest to at school is a female guidance counselor.  I love how Kelly gives it to her straight and calls her out when Brandy is coming to the wrong conclusions. I mean sure, the talk would have been better if deadite Pablo hadn’t bitten Kelly and wasn’t currently growing out of her leg.  I think that Brandy gets the point, though. Of course Deadite Pablo pounding on the trailer they are trapped in probably isn’t helping her think clearly.

Can Pablo come back from being a deadite?  The only person we have really seen permanently beat it is Ash in Evil Dead 2; everyone else has had to be killed once they turned.  Interestingly enough, we know that Ruby has the power to take evil away.  We saw her do this with Dalton tonight, I was a bit confused as to why she did it.  It seemed that keeping him a deadite would have given her more information. It was a blessing for Dalton though, as blowing his head off keeps his secrets from Ruby.  

Ruby’s story is really building this season.  She may be evil but she clearly also isn’t aligned with the dark ones that Dalton told us about.  This make sense for Ruby, as without them she is the powerful one who can get what she wants. Finally, we get to see Kaya; she is still trapped in the book and is apparently friends with Ruby, at least, for the moment.  It looks like Ruby plans to bring Kaya out when she sees fit. What really intrigued me with this plotline is that we now know why she has been manipulating Brandy into to coming to live with her. It seems to stop the prophecy Ash might fulfill if he is killed by his own offspring.

Ash finally gets to meet the child made  image. I’m guessing he didn’t notice the resemblance.  I can’t wait to see how this turns out; unfortunately, we have to wait until next week.

Personally, I think this season keeps getting better and better.  We are having fun with the episodes, yet we are also getting a lot more detail about the Necronomicon.  

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