SDCC 2018 Hotel Lottery Date Announced

by Transmute Jun

With many of the usual San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) milestones being held earlier this year than last, it would appear that Comic Con International (CCI) is extremely well-prepared for the 2018 con, to be held July 19-22, with Preview Night on July 18. As such, it’s somewhat surprising that the biggest hurdle for most attendees (after obtaining a badge), the hotel lottery, was not held early, but is instead scheduled for a more historically normal date this year: Wednesday, April 4.

While CCI negotiates contracts with the hotels to set aside rooms for a discounted block, they do not actually run the hotel lottery. This is done by OnPeak, who sets up a waiting room for attendees to join, then randomly allocates them to positions. Each attendee is let into the housing form in order, where they can submit their requests for their preferred hotels. A few days later, OnPeak will get back to everyone who submitted a form, letting them know whether or not they have been allocated a room. For SDCC 2017, our statistical analysis determined that it was the randomly-granted access time to the form that determined how likely you were to get the room you desired.  The 2018 process will be very similar to last year, including the two-part notification process, where attendees will be notified in 2 batches, one week apart, of their success or failure in the lottery, beginning on April 9. Just as last year, attendees will also be required to select a minimum of 1 hotel, and a maximum of 6 downtown and 6 non-downtown hotel choices.

CCI is offering access to a sample form here, so that attendees can determine what information is needed in advance.

Are you planning to participate in the SDCC hotel lottery this year? Join the conversation on FoCC!


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