Ash Vs Evil Dead 306


I know that last week I said that I wanted to see unhinged Kelly go after Ruby but can I take it back? Kelly definitely kept her own for a bit there. I really enjoyed watching these characters fight, but going after Ruby alone wasn’t smart and Kelly made a lot of mistakes in this fight.  One of the major ones was was letting Ruby know how mad she was and wanting to watch Ruby squirm instead of trying to end the fight quickly. After Kelly shot Ruby in the head, Kelly should have stabbed her with the Kandarian knife while Ruby was crawling away! Watching Kelly realize she had lost her final fight was hard. I still have hope for Kelly though, especially since she is now a vessel for Kaya.  Unfortunately, Brandy has bonded the most with Kelly and Ash’s daughter is Kaya’s target. It seems though we are no longer trying to kill Ash’s seed but make her go crazy. Still, Pablo came back from the dead, so perhaps Kelly can do so as well.

Can we talk about that nasty cocoon thing in Ruby’s attic? I’m assuming that the child made in Ash’s image is inside that thing.  The question is, what is going to come out? Part of me is hoping it is Evil Ash from Army of Darkness, however I that doesn’t seem to be the direction they have gone this season.  Whatever it is, I’m guessing that it comes out full grown.

Pablo is definitely embracing his new path in life.  Although the way Pablo can speak Sumerian had me wondering if Pablo really picked the right bowl?  Let’s hope this new ability of his is bonded with his ancestors and not the dark ones. One thing is for sure: Pablo now not only has powers but the instinct to know how and when to use them.

Who trained these Knights of Sumeria?   They tend to drop like flies. They are a huge disappointment, I was looking forward to their storyline but it seems as if none of them have ever actually fought evil and tend to drop within minutes of coming into contact.  Well, except Gary, the one whom Brock killed. He was killed by a pervert, yes, but not by evil. But then, Gary put the writing on the wall to open the gateway, which turned out to be a very bad idea. So he isn’t getting the Knights of Sumeria of the Year award anytime soon.

I know that Ash is supposed to stop all of the evil in the prophecy but clearly in order to do that it seems that he has to also let it out, not that this is new to Ash.  Ash not only started this by reading from the book high but also tried to solve it by letting a demon loose in a bookstore. At least in the meantime, Ash has learned that Pop-Tarts should be toasted.  

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