Ash Vs Evil Dead 307


Nothing like having to explain that it wasn’t you but the other you!  We finally got to see Ruby’s final product and it was a full grown Demon Ash! What’s better than a full grown Demon Ash? Taking him to prom. Demon Ash went on a killing spree, turning this week’s episode into a high school prom slasher film.

So what is the point of Demon Ash?  It seems that he has many uses for Ruby. Not only does Ruby want him to be the new prophesied one but she also wants Demon Ash to help her turn Brandy crazy.   From what I am gathering, Ruby hasn’t killed Ash this whole time because she needs Brandy to to do it. With Kaya’s help, the plan is to turn Brandy’s against her father, Ash, and kill him with the Kandarian Dagger.  I didn’t get the impression that Kaya as Kelly was helping the cause but Ruby almost succeeded when Brandy saw the bodies dropping.

This is an interesting way to go with the story but the part I get confused with is, why did Ruby go through this elaborate plan and yet still try to kill Ash at the end?  My guess is that it was desperation, frustration, anger or just plain lashing out. However, if Ruby had succeeded, what would have happened to the prophecy? While we won’t be getting an answer to that question, we have learned something very interesting.  When a normal human is killed by the Kandarian Dagger, their soul (?) is transported to another dimension. This makes a lot of sense, since the dagger gets rid of evil. Now we know where that evil goes. So we are left to wonder: are Kelly and Brandy alive in this other place?  If so, can they come back?

I think Pablo is getting smarter by the episode!  Yes, he had Kelly’s help but he was quick to figure out that Kaya-Kelly and Demon Ash were imposters, and they were no match for his Spidey-senses.  

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