The Expanse Premieres with Fight or Flight

By Miclpea

SPOILER ALERT-Do not read if you have not seen episode 301 of The Expanse
Quote of the Week- “She’s not the person I thought she was.”

Fans have waited more than a year for the premiere of Season 3 of The Expanse. Was the premiere worth the wait? Yes, it was! Did all our questions get answered? Of course not! But “Fight or Flight” hints at so much more to come.

The Expanse has returned in a spectacular fashion. With great visuals effects, superb writing and fine acting, viewers were launched on the adventure that will be Season 3 of The Expanse. Even though this episode is truly incredible, the cast and crew have promised that we have not seen anything yet.

This episode revealed more about the nature of the Protomolecule. The Protomolecule has a quantum entanglement with all of its parts wherever, and perhaps whenever, they might be. This was hinted at in Season 2, when Miller was led to Julie by the bird. Clearly, the Protomolecule is able to manipulate time and space in a manner that humankind cannot comprehend.

Aboard the Rocinante, now the Contorta, Naomi’s (Dominique Tipper) betrayal has shattered the trust of the crew members. As the outsider, Prax (Terry Chen) gently works at healing the breach in the crew’s trust. Because of his efforts, Holden (Steven Strait) is able to put the pieces together to determine a possible location on Io which might lead them to Dr. Strickland and Mei. It will offer the opportunity for Prax to get closure about whether Mei is alive or dead.

At the helm, Alex recorded a heartfelt message to his family on Mars. If any fan has read The Expanse graphic novel, Origins, they will understand Alex’s message to his family. Alex is the ancient mariner thrown into the future. He lives to be a pilot and to be in space helping those who need help. Look for more information about Alex and his family in later episodes.

If all of these issues are not enough to make life aboard the Contorta difficult,  the Protomolecule is not done with Holden and his crew. When the crew cleansed the ship of the Protomolecule, they missed some remnants of the Protomolecule deep within the bowels of the ship. This will come back to haunt them.

Back on Earth, Errinwright (Shawn Doyle) has cemented his position with UN Secretary General Gillis (Jonathan Whittaker) by destroying Avasarala’s reputation. He is the Iago whose web of deceit entangles Earth and Mars in a war that could destroy them both! He is the perfect villain because he believes that he is right and Earth must come first irrespective of who or what is destroyed.

Meanwhile, aboard the Guanshiyin (Jules-Pierre Mao’s yacht), the subject of Errinwright’s ire, Chrisjen Avasarala (Shoreh Aghdashloo), has managed to stay alive. She and Bobbie Draper (Frankie Adams) escaped the yacht aboard the Razorback while Cotyar (Nick E. Tarabay) escaped in a drop boat. Chrisjen is safe for the moment but Earth authorities believe that she is a traitor.

Of course, Fred Johnson (Chad Coleman) has not been idle as Earth and Mars go to war. He has forged an alliance with Dawes. He is also planning for the future as he sends Drummer (Cara Gee) on a salvage mission to secure the Nauvoo to retrofit the former Mormon vessel as a Belter warship. Fred is an old player at this game and he clearly is not finished playing his hand.

The only criticism that I have of this episode is that it seems short. The episode proceeded at such a breakneck pace that the hour seemed to pass in a heartbeat. Last year, for the Season 2 premiere, they gave the fans two episodes. With so many questions that need answering, the Season 3 premiere could have used another hour. Although, with a series this brilliant, the fans would still not have been satisfied with just one more episode.

What happens next? Will Errinwright’s perfidy be revealed? Is Mei still alive? What will the former Rocinante crew find on Io? Is the Rocinante and the family they created aboard her dead? What is the Protomolecule doing on Venus? What part will the new cast members play? What will the puzzle look like when all of the pieces are put together?

For those who have read the novels, novellas, and the graphic novel, I would remind them that James S.A. Corey has always reserved the right to make changes for the series. This means that no one other than the writers know what will happen next. This is why The Expanse is the best show on television!

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