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12 days until Avengers: Infinity War

This was how I fell in love with the MCU: in a random theatre with my mom in Paris, tired and hungry and desperate to shield ourselves from the hot summer sun. The Incredible Hulk didn’t exist in my mind; Iron Man 2 didn’t even register on my movie radar; I hadn’t bothered to see Thor; and I just completely forgot the fact that I had seen Captain America: The First Avenger with a good friend. I sat in that theatre wanting a hotdog, some nachos, and a two-hour respite from all that walking. What I got was love at first (okay, maybe second) sight. The Avengers was the movie that made me fall in love with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I haven’t looked back since.

There’s very little that Whedon does wrong with this movie. He makes good use of already established characters by fusing them together with a rich and compelling plot, fueled by witty dialogue. He also benefits from Marvel Studios’ years-long investment in finding the perfect actor for each character, as his script—already strong on its own—is reinforced by the unbelievable chemistry between all of the Avengers. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans are delightful to watch on screen, and Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner bring a certain resilient softness to the hard-knock spy duo. Mark Ruffalo and Clark Gregg in particular shine under Joss’ direction, with Ruffalo breathing new and improved life into the Hulk, and Gregg being given the monumental task of holding the MCU together with his bare hands. However, it is watching them all band together for the first time after bickering for two-thirds of the movie that makes the Avengers an incredible sight to see (ranking fifth on my list, but only because a number of better movies have been made since then).

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I won’t dwell much on the technical aspects of the Avengers, but I do want to discuss one very important matter: Tony Stark, or rather, what this movie foreshadows about him on April 27. There is no doubt that Tony will play a very significant role in all of this – not just because he started the age of superheroes, but because he is the only one who has had a glimpse of what seems to be a very grim future for our favorite characters: first, he flew that nuke into the wormhole and actually saw what they were up against, and second, thanks to Wanda, he saw a vision of his team dead on an unknown planet. Avengers: Infinity War is literally Tony Stark’s worst nightmare—the very same nightmare that he worked very hard to prevent in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This entire movie is going to be one hell of a rollercoaster ride for our shellhead, which I’m sure will do wonders for his PTSD.

Joss’ turn at the helm of the Avengers franchise may have had its controversies, especially with the creative decisions he made for Avengers: Age of Ultron, but you can’t deny how significant his work is for the MCU. Even if his long-term vision may not have had Avengers: Infinity War all planned out, he still sowed some significant seeds in the first film that I think will inform many of the decisions our beloved heroes will make on April 27. It is exciting to think about, but also fills me with some dread because, let’s be honest here: not everyone is going to survive the end of the world (and my money is on a Tony Stark death).

Who will live, who will die, and who will get to tell their story? We’ve got 12 more days until we find out.

Our movie schedule for the next few days: Iron Man 3 (April 15) and Thor: The Dark World (April 16). Check back on April 16 for the next feature on our countdown to Avengers: Infinity War!

Top 5 MCU movies ranking so far:

  1. Iron Man
  2. The Avengers
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