Ash Vs Evil Dead 309


Ash has said that he is ending it for good, and this time, I’m afraid this time it is the truth based on the recent cancellation of the series.   We have had many goodbye is this episode.

First, we say goodbye to Ruby and her trusty (if short-lived) sidekick Kaya.  It seems that Ruby’s torture of possibly the last Knight of Sumeria was for nothing.  She couldn’t get the new page in the book in fast enough to stop the Dark Ones from coming through the rift and killing her.  The page is in there though!  I have to admit that I will miss Ruby. We have gotten to see her character in a lot of different stages. One of my favorite times was when Ruby was on Ash’s team, even if it was for her own self-serving reasons.  As for Kaya, I can’t really say that I’ll miss her, as we never really got to know her. She was too desperate to survive to really show us anything else. It would have been nice to see her fight with the Knights a bit more, since she had betrayed them in the past.

Our second goodbye is to Ash’s chainsaw.  In his attempt to get Kelly’s body back, he was forced to say goodbye to the friend that came second only to the Delta.  I don’t know why I was so upset to see it crushed. I mean, Ash owns a hardware store and probably has a back up? Still, it was heart-wrenching (and symbolic) to watch it happen.  Even despite this setback, Ash’s mission couldn’t have gone any better; Ruby was destroyed, and Ash got the Necronomicon and Kelly’s body.

Third, we say goodbye to Brandy’s cellphone.  Okay, there is no sentimental value there but this scene was amazing!  If you wanted to update the Ash scene from Evil Dead II this was the way to do it.  Brandy dealing with the same demons her father has faced in the past was so fun to watch. The Necronomi-Phone should be the new mascot for not texting while driving! Well, except for the fact that Brandy killed that evil thing. Yet as she and Pablo drove off, they didn’t grab the boomstick! I hope that wasn’t a goodbye also. What it did mean was that when Ash was standing in the street, knowing that the Dark Ones were there, he none of his usual weapons: no chainsaw or shotgun.  Well, unless you count that faulty mechanical hand. 

Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten to say goodbye to Pablo’s connection to the Necronomicon.  It seems that one of his new powers is to see through the book. We also learned that evil doesn’t attack him.  Is anyone else wondering if Pablo picked the right bowl?

This episode is everything I could have wanted this far into the story and it has all built up to something big. There is a lot of pressure for next week’s episode as it is probably the final ending to entire Evil Dead franchise.  

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