Ash vs Evil Dead 310


I really don’t think that we could have ended the Ash vs Evil Dead series any better. Like most fans, I was devastated by the announcement that the show had been cancelled. This is one of my favorite shows on TV. I feel very lucky that Starz picked this series up and gave us three amazing seasons.

This episode may have been some of Bruce Campbell’s finest acting as Ash Williams. When Ash broke down at his childhood home, I was truly moved. This was a new development for Ash; he has broken down many times but never to this level. It seems that Ash has truly surrounded himself with people who mean the world to him and almost losing them has devastated him. Luckily for us, Ash doesn’t stay down for long, especially when Deadites are in the mix.

This episode held nothing back. It had an epic monster, “Kandar the Destroyer”, a full on military attack, and Ash with his boomstick right in the middle. I was truly impressed by the production level of this episode. Evil is officially no longer a small secret to which only Ash and his companions are privy. Unfortunately, the U.S. Military is not equipped to handle evil. In fact, their weapons seem to hinder them by strengthening Kandar. When I think of all of the apocalypse storylines we have been told over the years, this is the one I most enjoy. How can the world battle the Dark Ones when there is only one dagger to kill them all? Not to mention, can you image Congress listening to Pablo when he advises them on the Necronomicon?

The chemistry between Ash and Brandy is fantastic; as father and daughter they have truly become in sync. It’s a shame that it took Brandy so long to come around because the one liners these two could have given us all season were sure to have been magic!

I felt that the series finale was a true Evil Dead ending, and a nice nod to all the Army of Darkness fans who wonder what might have happened if they had used the alternative ending for that film. While some may have expected final closure, it’s not the Evil Dead way. It’s unclear what timeline is in place where Ash is alive. However as long as Ash is lives, so is our hope that we will get more stories.

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