Bad Samaritan Debuts Nationwide on May 4, 2018

By Mlgagne

If you are a fan of thriller films, the movie theater may be the place for you this weekend, as Bad Samaritan debuts nationwide on Friday, May 4. Starring David Tennant and Robert Sheehan, the film tells the story of two restaurant valet workers who rob the houses of customers on the side. However, when they attempt to rob one customer’s house but instead discover a woman who is being held captive in his home, the tables are turned on the duo, who are now being pursued by the psychopathic homeowner.

In a press conference held in West Hollywood on April 28, writer Brandon Boyce commented that one aspect of the film that is interesting to him is the fact that the tables are turned on the people who are breaking into this home…and that the pair was able to organize this through their day jobs as valets, a service that is used frequently in real life without a second thought. He also commented on the use of technology throughout the film, stating, “We put a lot of faith in locks and passwords. I’m interested in picking away at the sense of security we give ourselves.”

If you are interested in heading to your local theater to see Bad Samaritan, tickets are currently on sale here, and the official trailer can be viewed on YouTube.


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