The Reactor: Hulu Picks Up ‘Light as a Feather’

By Mario Wario

Get ready Zoe Aarsen fans, because a Light as a Feather series is in the works!

Like seeing Thanos collecting a Infinity Stone in Avengers: Infinity War, Hulu got a gem of its own who picked up Light as a Feather from Awesomeness TV and Wattpad. The straight-to-series order will have 10-episodes for the first season and production will begin next month. It will be based on the book of the same name by Aarsen, which has 2.9 million reads on the Wattpad website. This Hulu series was created by executive producer Lee Fleming Jr. (who also wrote She’s All That, as well as doing four episodes of One Tree Hill).

As with the novel, the paranormal story will be about five teen girls dealing with the consequences after playing a game called “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.” The remaining survivors will have to try to figure out why they are being hunted down and who is doing the killings.

Light as a Feather is a captivating and unique story, with supernatural twists and thrills that readers all over the world have fallen in love with,” said Aron Levits, the Head of Wattpad Studio. “We’re excited to be working with AwesomenessTV and Hulu to bring Light as a Feather to a new audience … giving the story’s millions of current fans another way to enjoy the story they couldn’t put down.”

Aarsen likes knowing that “other horror aficionados on Hulu” will have a chance to see her work very soon. (Speaking of which, no release date was given yesterday.)

Lastly, Fleming will be joined by AwesomenessTV’s Jordan Levin, Shelley Zimmerman, Joe Davola and Brett Bouttier, as well as Grammnet’s Tom Russo, Brian Sher and Stella Bulochnikov. Also teaming up with Fleming will be Wattpad’s Levits and Eric Lehrman. Meanwhile Kailey Marsh will serve as the co-producer.

So, there you have it Feather fans. It is time to get that Hulu subscription plan ready. The future is shaping up to be great for you, so don’t miss out! Also be careful what game you play. (wink)

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