FoCC Review: The Expanse – Triple Point

by Miclpea

SPOILER ALERT-Do not read if you have not seen Episode 305 of The Expanse
Quote of the Week- “You are not a child. I suspect you never were.”

This episode was directed by Jeff Woolnough and written for television by Georgia Lee.

With each new episode, The Expanse proves why it is the best science fiction show of all time. This episode had a mutiny in space, an alien transformation, multiple deaths, a major revelation by Naomi, more information about the Protomolecule, a UN ship destroyed by one of its own warships, and last, but most certainly not least, the remaining hybrids were fired against the Martian ships!

Triple Point opened aboard the Pinus Contorta, where the crew prepared for its assault on Io. Aboard the Martian ship the MCRN Hammurabi, Sinopoli delivered his message from Avasarala to the captain of the ship. Of course, Captain Kirino and her Executive Officer were skeptical of its authenticity and its true purpose. On the Agatha King, Admiral Nguyen directed the ship to Io and also ordered Admiral Souther not come to the command center unless he was specifically requested to be there. This was a major military insult for Nguyen to bar Admiral Souther from the command center in his own ship. Thus, the stage was set for the mutiny which followed.

The executive crew members of the Agatha King approached Admiral Souther about mutiny. It was obvious to them that the removal of Souther from command and the secret messages that Nguyen was sending to Earth all indicated that something was terribly wrong. Like a good soldier, Admiral Souther did not want to act without concrete proof. Proof arrived when a message was received from the Hammurabi. The message was the one given to Sinopoli to forward to Souther. After Souther verified the veracity of the message, mutiny was the next step.

With the mutiny aboard the Agatha King, Triple Point addressed one of the key questions in military history, when is an order illegal? Admiral Souther received verified information from the Martian ship MCRN Hammurabi that the war between Earth and Mars is an illegal confrontation caused by the perfidy of Errinwright. When Souther tried to take back his ship, he was overpowered and killed by Admiral Nguyen.

Admiral Nguyen ordered the destruction of another UN vessel which refused to obey his command to go to Io. The weapons control officer, as well as the rest of the bridge crew, refused to obey his commands. They were ordered to the brig. This was truly extraordinary, since the bar for illegal orders will always be high, especially in the middle of war. It took considerable courage and moral conviction for the crew of the Agatha King to act as it did. Souther and his executive officers paid the price.

Meanwhile, on the Pinus Contorta, Avasarala finally told Holden the truth that she did want the Protomolecule for Earth. Naomi was correct about Avasarala’s motive for going to Io. However, Avasarala has finally reached the conclusion that the Protomolecule has the potential to destroy all of humanity if it is not stopped in time. She truly believes that only Earth has the ability to stop it.

At his pilot station, Alex received a truly heartwarming message from his son. From this message, it was clear that Alex’s son understood Alex better than his ex-wife had done. While Alex’s heart was warmed by the message from his son, Prax has gone over to the dark side.

Prax revealed to Amos that he was willing to settle for getting even if he could not rescue his daughter. Amos clearly was not happy with the change in Prax but he also understood it. Prax was another walking casualty of the conflict between Earth and Mars. He has lost his faith in humanity and happy endings.

Naomi and Holden finally had the discussion that led to the start of a reconciliation. Holden did not forgive the choice Naomi made but he understood why she made that choice. There was not any doubt that they still loved each other, but the wound caused by Naomi’s betrayal will take time to heal.

Jules Mao continued to question Katoa on Io. Katoa revealed that the Protomolecule had to complete its work. Jules was unable to discover the nature of the work before the transformation made it impossible to communicate with the Katoa/Protomolecule hybrid. Strickland tells them that they will have to use Mei as their next subject if they want to learn more. Jules only hesitates for a second before he gives the approval to proceed. Jules again was willing sacrifice his “daughter” to further his goals. Jules also turned over control of the Io defenses to Admiral Nguyen when he learned that all of his assets were released, as well as his children.

As Jules and Strickland prepared Mei for the treatment, the Pinus assault team arrived on Io. On the Agatha King, Admiral Nguyen had to contend with the other UN ships refusing to follow his commands and the arrival of the Martian forces. In a fit of desperation and with an intense hatred of the Martians, Nguyen launched the Protomolecule hybrids, which were in storage on Io, at the Martian ships.

The stage is finally set! All of the players have arrived. The Protomolecule has almost finished with its work. The hybrids had been launched at the Martian fleet. Prax arrived on Io to save his daughter and the UN fleet, in the Jovian system, was in total disarray with the Martian navy bearing down on them! As amazing as this episode was, the best is yet to come. Make sure to tune in for next week’s episode, Immolation, it will not disappoint any viewer or fan.

As many of you have heard, SYFY Channel has cancelled The Expanse after 3 seasons. At press time, Alcon Entertainment, the production company which owns The Expanse, is looking for a new home for the series. With the current contractual agreements, it appears that either Netflix or Amazon would be a good fit. Although, I would love to see what HBO would do with the series. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and stay tuned for updates here or on the FoCC forum (click here).


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