FoCC Review: The Expanse- Fallen World

by Miclpea

SPOILER ALERT-Do not read if you have not seen Episode 311 of The Expanse
Quote of the Week- “Symbols endure.”

This episode was directed by Jennifer Phang and written for television by Dan Nowak.

After the spectacular last episode, Dandelion Sky, Episode 311-Fallen World gave fans a moment to catch their breath. Fallen World was the breather fans needed to assimilate all of the information in Dandelion Sky. But in typical Expanse fashion, viewers were treated to more than would appear at first glance or viewing.

Fallen World opened where Dandelion Sky ended, with the collapse of Holden on the Ring station. While this episode seemed deceptively slow compared to the incredible events of Dandelion Sky, the story still continued with new revelations. The viewers learned more about Drummer and Ashford as they talked and sang while they were trapped by the farm machinery. Naomi returned home to the Rocinante and helped nurse Alex and Amos back to health. And Anna finally saw the monster hidden in Melba.

The events on the station (shots fired, a grenade exploded, Marine knolled) had repercussions throughout the interior of the Ring. The Ring station went into defense mode and drastically reduced the Ring speed limit. This caused a sudden deceleration of all of the ships in the Ring, which led to the injury of personnel, as well as damage to the ships. On the station, the marines (except Bobbie) blamed Holden. while the other ships had no idea what had happened.

The marines left the station with Holden and headed back to the Xuesen aboard their landing vessel at the new reduced speed limit. Bobbie knew that somehow Holden was the key to solving the mystery of the station. Her two companion marines wanted Holden dead. When Holden finally regained consciousness, he made a startling statement when he told Bobbie that he had seen the end of everything!

Meanwhile, on the Thomas Prince, Anna survived the sudden deceleration because she had been strapped into her bunk. She tried to help the injured by finding them and taking them to the triage center. She found Melba and helped her to the center. While in the center, Anna received a distress call from Tilly. When Anna found Tilly, Tilly told her about Melba’s attempt to kill her and Melba’s plan to kill Holden. Anna held Tilly’s hand as she died. It was Anna who sent Tilly to help Melba, which only added to the guilt Anna felt over not listening to Lt. Nemeroff.

Anna returned to the triage center to confront Melba but Melba had already left to find a way to the Rocinante and Holden. Melba found a powered mechanic’s spacesuit and was preparing to leave when Anna found her and tried to stop her. Anna’s pleas fell on deaf ears as Melba launched herself toward the Rocinante.

On the Rocinante, Naomi arrived to find the ship in disarray. Alex and Amos were both injured and the ship was not responsive to all of her commands. Naomi managed to get Alex and Amos to sickbay and gave them the necessary medical attention. During one of the few quiet moments, Naomi told Amos that she was back for good. Of course, this quiet could not last as Melba arrived and breached the hull. When Naomi went to investigate, Melba attacked her and demanded to know where Holden was. Naomi refused to answer but before Melba could kill her, Anna, who had secretly followed Melba, used a tool to disable Melba’s suit.

Meanwhile, on the Behemoth, Drummer and Ashford found themselves trapped by the damaged farm machinery. Both Drummer and Ashford had made the possibly fatal mistake of not telling anyone where they were going, which meant that they had to free themselves. After multiple attempts to free themselves from being trapped in the machinery, they resigned themselves to waiting for some crewmember to find them. As time passed, they sang old Belter songs and talked about their past adventures and their hopes for the Belters. Both the acting and the writing were outstanding as the viewers saw into the souls of these two very strong people. But, it was Drummer who decided to make the sacrifice. She told Ashford that the Behemoth could not afford to lose both of them. She moved the farm equipment forward. which pinned her tighter between the pieces of the equipment while freeing Ashford. Once he was freed, Ashford called for medical assistance.

Now that he was free, Ashford learned from the crew the extent of the damage and the number of injuries aboard the ship. Ashford made the decision to spin the drum to give the Behemoth artificial gravity. Once the Belters succeeded in spinning the drum, Ashford notified the other ships that they could send their injured to the Behemoth to recovery from their injuries. Ashford had what he wanted: a ship and the inners needing the help of the Belters.

Ashford has control of the Behemoth. An unconscious but still murderous Melba is aboard the Rocinante, as well as Anna. Naomi has returned home to the Rocinante, and Holden has seen the end of everything. Wow! Next week is the two-episode finale where all the pieces are in place for an explosive end. Word on the street is that Episode 313 will cause Nerdvana. I believe it.


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