Funko Conan Pops Revealed


If you are like me you have been glued to your Instagram following Conancon on Instagram waiting to see what the next Funko Conan pops would be.  We have seen very dark shadows of the figures in the past few weeks and they even had a contest.  Today they have given us a teaser of the Conan pops. Be sure to check out the instagram post here:

Need more detail? Tonight live on Conan at 11:30pm ET on TBS they will be announcing them.  They are turning Conan into Ant-Man, a Rebel Pilot, The Predator, and Hellboy. I really hope we are getting a mini Conan Ant-Man with the original sized figure. You can sneak a peek at them in the boxes here.

Tickets have been releasing to the show in batches today.  If you were lucky enough to get tickets you are in for a treat!