Super7 Universal Monsters Boodega Activation

By Miclpea

Where can you fill up on food, exclusives, scary monsters, and apparel? Super7 Universal Monsters Boodega is the place. Super7 and the iconic Universal movie monsters of the past celebrate their new partnership with an activation and the fans are invited.

The Super7 Universal Monsters Boodega Activation will be happening at the San Diego Super7 Store located at 701 8th Avenue in San Diego. Fans will see the Super7 shop transformed from a Super7 store into a Boodega, which will provide the ultimate horror experience for attendees. The transformation will take place from Friday, July 20th-Sunday, July 22nd.

If any fan is looking for unique exclusives this will be the place to be. The Boodega will have the exclusive release of these items: Unique versions of the Wave 1 Universal Monsters 3.75″ ReAction Figures, limited edition signed and numbered prints by legendary artist Ed Repka and limited-edition shoe collaborations and apparel.

This activation is open to everyone as a San Diego Comic-Con badge is not required. This is a great opportunity to purchase some truly unique exclusives for horror fans and movie history buffs. It promises to be Spooktacular!







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