FoCC Review: Walking Dead Our World – Fun for the Casual Gamer

by Transmute Jun
I admit it, I’ve never played Pokémon Go. I was never a big Pokémon fan, and the idea of walking everywhere just to play was less than appealing. But I am a big fan of The Walking Dead, and a regular player of the Next Games/AMC No Man’s Land mobile game, so when I heard that the same partnership was releasing a new Walking Dead app, I knew that I had to give it a try, even if it did bear a surface similarity to Pokémon Go.
As you might expect in a Walking Dead universe game, the focus of Our World is on killing walkers. Players collect various guns to take down walkers, but it’s not long before they also meet some hero allies. These allies can help players out in their missions, although players can only have one hero helping out at a time. Some heroes are generic in nature (although as an Easter egg for No Man’s Land fans, many of these generic heroes bear a strong resemblance to the initial characters from that game) but naturally the draw is with the familiar heroes. Straight from the hit television show, it isn’t long before players can encounter companions such as Michonne, Carol, Rick and Daryl.

Heroes aren’t all that players can find. There are many resources and powerups in the game. Some of the powerups will be familiar to Walking Dead fans, such as Dale’s RV or Michonne’s Mike walker-companion. These powerups and resources can help players upgrade their weapons and help companions.

While the focus is on killing walkers, the Walking Dead universe is much more than that. To reflect recurring storylines, Our World also has missions to rescue other survivors, to gather supplies, and to take out other aggressive humans (known as raiders). Yet in the end, players will find themselves mostly tapping walkers, doing their best to generate effective head shots.
Our World is a good mobile app for casual gamers: people who want to play for a few minutes at a time when they need a break. It is not something that requires significant time investment or constant attention. Those who wish to use it as exercise can walk to various encounters, chasing missions Pokémon-Go-style, however during my gameplay I found that this was not necessary. There were always enough missions nearby that I wasn’t required to get out of my chair… nor was I inspired to do so. In short, players can engage with Our World and be active, or not, as they choose.
For those who want a more invested Walking Dead gameplay experience, I highly recommend the No Man’s Land app, which is more of a strategy and story game, with many more options and activities than Our World currently offers. Yet can fans of The Walking Dead play both? They certainly can! Each game provides something different to mobile gamers.
If you want to check out Our World at San Diego Comic Con, make sure to visit their booth #4327 in the Exhibit Floor for demos and free in-game exclusive content.
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