FoCC SDCC TV Series Outlook: Supergirl Season 4


Catco and the DEO will have a number of new faces during the upcoming fourth season of Supergirl. This season will also be groundbreaking with the announcement Saturday of the casting of the first transgender superhero on TV, to be played by Nicole Maines.

Maines, a transgender activist, will play the role of Nia Nal who the newest addition to the CatCo reporting team. Over the course of the season we will see her transformation to the superhero Dreamer (similar to Kara coming into her own as Supergirl).

Fans were also happy to hear Jesse Rath (Brainac-5) will be back as a series regular. Also joining the cast are:
Sam Witwer who will play Agent Liberty.
April Parker Jones in the role of Colonel Haley.
David Ajala who will play Manchester Black

Supergirl returns on October 14th as part of the new CW Sunday lineup.

Stay tuned for an upcoming article featuring interviews with the cast from the press room during SDCC. During the interviews a few of the cast discuss how Winn’s departure to help the Legion affects their characters during this upcoming season. In the meantime, enjoy at the SDCC trailer and pictures from SDCC by clicking on the links below.

Click here for pictures from the cast signing at the WB booth.

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