Conan and Team Cocos’ return to SDCC 2018 is a delight for fans


As I picked up my Conan Funko Pops from Gamestop, the clerk asked me, “Since when did Conan become the King of Comic Con?”  I thought that was a good question, but the answer is simple. Conan became an icon at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) when he decided to embrace the culture.  I attended the very first taping of Conan during SDCC in 2015 and found it to be amazing. He asked the guests what makes Comic Con so special, had a monologue that catered to SDCC attendees, and filmed videos to embrace the culture.   

I knew five minutes into the show that I wanted to come back every year to see a taping. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. In my opinion Conan has become the number one offsite activity to attend during SDCC.  Every year his show brings in top stars and entertains the whole audience in the adrenaline-filled rush unique to Comic Con. This year the line up included: the reunion of Breaking Bad, along with the casts of Predator, Aquaman, and Glass.  Invincible Conan was back this year, which is Conan O’Brien in his famous superhero suit, and this always brings his crowd to their feet.  I always make sure to record the episodes so that I can watch them when I get home.

This year’s shows were no exception to the inspired episodes fans have come to expect.  Conan was on spot with his humor and brought four great shows. One of my favorite things was the sketch with Marvel characters at the cool kids’ table in the lunch room and DC Comic characters at the lame kids’ table.  You can catch this video and others on the Teamcoco website.

Attending a Conan show gets even better than simply being in the audience!   Every show gives out an exclusive Funko Pop Vinyl figure of Conan dressed as a pop culture character.   This year had Conan as a Star Wars Rebel Pilot, Predator, Ant-Man, and Hellboy.  The show I attended gave us Conan Predator.  As a Funko collector I was thrilled. This Funko Pop is truly a work of art and I must say that Conan looks great as the Predator.  I think that the Conan partnership with Funko has help lead to the success of the tapings during SDCC.  

So the big question is: will Conan return to SDDC next year to tape more shows?  Unfortunately, we don’t know the answer. It has been announced the format of the show is changing to a 30 minute show with more touring, which makes us hopeful.  As a fan of Conan I can tell that you this writer hopes that Conan will return to SDCC 2019.

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