Midnight, Texas Casts Its Spell on October 26th

By Miclpea

Midnight, TX, the little show that could, returns to NBC this fall. A heroic effort from fans revived this show, bringing it back from an early grave. The cast and crew returned to San Diego Comic-Con to thank the fans and to provide insight into the new season.

In the first season, an unlikely group of citizens, consisting of a vampire, an assassin, a psychic, a witch, an angel, and a shapeshifter, worked together to save their small Texas town from the demon Colconnar. But, there is no rest for the wicked. In the second season, several new characters will be introduced with the returning characters to provide new intrigue, conflict, and action.

  • Nestor Carbonell (Bates Motel)- Kai Lucero, co-owner of the new hotel (Crystal Desert) in Midnight, is a powerful holistic energy healer with a magnetic personality.
  • Jamie Ray Newman (Bates Motel)- Patience Lucero, the beautiful wife of Kai and co-owner of the Crystal Desert, wins over the town as she sets her sights on Manfred.
  • Josh Kelly (UnReal)- Walker Chisum, a demon hunter, has a history with Joe.

Midnight, TX brought the cast and crew to San Diego Comic-Con to answer questions about the new season and what to expect from the fan’s favorite characters.

Jason Lewis (Joe) promised that there will be conflict for Joe in Season 2, as well as for the rest of the townspeople in Midnight. A demon hunter from Joe’s past will come to Midnight and rekindle an old relationship with Joe, which will not necessarily bring out the best in him. Lewis reminded us that his character was created to fight demons, so the arrival of the demon hunter harkens back to his prime purpose of existence. The audience will have a chance to see the real Joe.

Arielle Kebbel (Olivia) and Peter Mensah (Lem) talked about the relationship of their characters in the coming season. Mensah explained that Lem will have a psychic link to Olivia because he shared his blood with her. Kebbel talked about how Olivia will be on a journey to deal with being married and learning how to cope with the new psychic link that she and Lem share. Also, the audience will learn more about Olivia’s backstory and her father, who has been spying on her in Midnight.

Parisa Fitz-Henley (Fiji) and Dylan Bruce (Bobo) promised that their characters will be together in the new season. Throughout Season 2 they will be exploring their new-found relationship. Fitz-Henley and Bruce reminded us that Midnight, TX is not an ordinary town and they are not ordinary people which means that their relationship will not be a normal one. Bobo still has more secrets, which will be revealed in the coming season. Fitz-Henley promised to continue engaging with the fans on social media during the second season.

François Arnaud (Manfred) explained that his character will be exploring his new role as a hero but he has to pay the price for being that hero. In order to save the town in the season finale, he had to call upon demons to defeat Colconnar. In Season 2, Manfred will have to pay the price for doing this. As Manfred literally fights his demons, he refuses to tell his friends in Midnight what is happening. Arnaud sardonically remarked that keeping secrets always ends well.

Arnaud added that while Creek is still there, their relationship will evolve. Patience Lucero, the married proprietor of the hotel, will form a bond with Manfred as he works to contain the spirits, who continue to haunt the new hotel. Arnaud also revealed that fans can count on Manfred to continue to make bad choices.

Executive producers and showrunners Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder were asked how many seasons have they mapped out for the series. Snyder jokingly replied that they have plans for fifteen seasons. Charmelo explained that they view each season as a standalone season, however, they hope to continue for many seasons in the future.

Snyder explained that the new cast members grew organically from the story they wanted to tell this season. She and Charmelo noted that they had gone through most of the source material from Charlaine Harris’s series in the first season. Charmelo explained that while Charlaine Harris had given her blessings to the series, she was not involved in Season 2. However, Snyder did not rule out the possibility of Harris writing an episode if there is a Season 3.

With the introduction of three new characters (Walker Chisum and Kai & Patience Lucero) in Season 2 of Midnight, TX, the series promises to bring more of the action, horror, excitement, and romance fans loved in the first season. The audience will see the residents of Midnight deal with this new threat, which may mean that their past has finally caught up with them. To find out what happens, tune in to NBC on Friday, October 26 at 9 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. CT.

Here is the Season 2 Promo Trailer.

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