A new Doctor emerges in October


As a lifelong Whovian this upcoming season is shaping up to be a memorable one. Team Who descended in San Diego Comic Con in iconic fashion with a great panel in Hall H, a few surprise appearances, a reveal of the new sonic screwdriver, and surprise merchandising drop at the BBC America booth during the con. 

While details for the upcoming season have been extremely limited it is for a good reason. Chris Chibnall stated that he wants all fans to enjoy the series together and without spoilers. To that end the series premiere will be aired on the same day,  both in the UK and in the US – Sunday October 7th.

A special note for those in the US – according to the BBC America the airtime for the premiere will be the same as the UK so I estimate the airtime will be early afternoon for the east coast and possibly late morning for the west coast. BBC America will re-air the premiere episode in the evening.  

Chibnall made it a point to stress that this season will be entirely new and will be a great time for new fans to jump into the series. While Whovians may not have their typical callback back to past villains like The Master or Davros and monsters like the Daleks or Cybermen there is a fantastic opportunity for something new to challenge our beloved Doctor and her new best friends.

Here are a few production stills to give you a small hint of what we can expect this season.

Lastly, as we count down the hours and minutes to the series premiere add BBC America to your favorite list starting 6am ET Tuesday, September 25th for the “13 Days of Doctor Who” marathon leading up to the season premiere. During this marathon every episode of the modern Doctor Who franchise from Christopher Eccleston to Peter Capaldi will be aired. This is a perfect time to grab a friend or family member to prepare them for your new Sunday ritual or reminisce the past adventures through time and space.  

Stay tuned for more articles over the next few weeks as we approach the premiere. 

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