NYCC Riverdale Panel Season 3 Reveals

by Transmute Jun

The hit CW show Riverdale held a panel at the recent New York Comic Con (NYCC). Based on the noise from the crowd and the ever-present ‘River-wear’, it was clear that there were many fans of the show in attendance. Their efforts were well-rewarded, as series guru Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and cast members Luke Perry (Fred Andrews), KJ Apa (Archie Andrews), Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper) and Madchen Amick (Alice Cooper) discussed the upcoming season, giving numerous hints and sneak peeks of what is to come in the next few weeks.

Last season ended with Archie being framed for murder by Hiram Lodge. Apparently, Archie has spent the summer defending himself in court, and the season will begin at Labor Day weekend, with the jury set to reveal their decision on the following Tuesday. While there was no official comment regarding the verdict, it was strongly implied that Archie will be sent to a correctional facility, to spend some time alone, dealing with his demons. There is no word on how long this might last. To make matters worse, Archie’s relationship with Veronica will be tested this season, as the couple faces challenges that might tear them apart. Likewise, Archie will have to figure out how to rebuild his strained relationship with his father, after taking the Lodges’ side again his dad last season. It was also revealed that Archie will end up in a situation where he is literally fighting for his life. KJ Apa stated that the first 5 episodes of the season were very physically exhausting for him as an actor.

Of course, other cast members will face challenges as well. Betty will investigate a murder mystery, with Jughead by her side. The new villain coming this season is called the Gargoyle King, and he will fill the void created by the final unmasking of the Black Hood last season. Hiram Lodge will also continue to be a thorn in the side of the good citizens of Riverdale.

Betty will also run into trouble in the form of Evelyn Evernever, a comic book character brought to the show. Evelyn’s father, Edgar Evernever, runs a farm on the edge of town that is apparently some kind of cult. Searching for answers after her husband has been revealed as the Black Hood, Alice will apparently be drawn into this mysterious group. This will put a strain on her budding relationship with FP.

Jughead will face his own emotional turmoil as his mother and his sister Jellybean, return to Riverdale. Jughead’s mom is deeply involved in the Southside Serpents, apparently mentoring many of its younger members into a life of petty crime.

It was also stated that our favorite teens are are entering their junior year, which brings its own challenges. One entire episode this season will focus on the gang taking the SATs.

Most exciting for many of the fans present was the announcement that on Halloween (October 31) the show will air a ‘throwback’ episode highlighting the adventures of the Riverdale parents, when they were teenagers at Riverdale High. To make this even more exciting, the young parents will be played by the current teens on the show, with Hermione, FP, Fred and Alice portrayed by the actors of their show-children.

So much is coming up this season for Riverdale! Be sure to tune in on October 7th to the CW for the season premiere.

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